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Approved BT Bio for Davira Mandored, - CC'd by FL

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DM Handle: Bel Barid Medar

Contact Info: mat_landick1[at]homail[dot]com

Character Count: 0


Character Name: Davira Mandored

Nationality: Cairhienin

Age: 19

Physical Characteristics: 170cm, dark haired, blue eyes (an oddity among Cairhien, the basis of which is not known) Slim build with wiry muscles. 60kg.


Physical Description: Davira is slightly taller than the average Cairhienin, and aside from his blue eyes (suspected mix of bloodlines somewhere along his family tree) is much like any other Cairhienin. With a piercing gaze and face that looks younger than his age (around 16-17) he is not considered handsome, but his penetrating gaze and flashing smiles make him alluring.


Personal Histroy: Born into a minor Cairhien house in "the City" Davira has spent most of his life studying the Great Game, although his house is far from influential. House Mandored was almost decimated in the Aiel War, his father and grand father both falling in the frontlines. Harboring an innate distaste for the Aiel (added to the death of his family members) Dashiva has been focused on battle tactics for most of his life, vowing to become a great general in hopes he will be able to lead his people sucessfully against the Aiel. Quick witted, aside from his passion against the Aiel, he is usually cool-headed and disparges fighting duels, but fights with a ferocity if he is pushed to it.


Davira takes pride in his own House, but disdains the Great Game, much preferring action, however he can be ruthelessly manipulating if need be, although his skill in the Great Game is far below that of a noble Cairhienin.


Recently suffering from sporadic sickness and mood  swings, Davira has Sparked, the realisation comming when he unintentionally set fire to one of his fellow noble's coat, wamted for a murder he did not mean to commit.


Feared and cast out by his House, Davira has traveled across war-torn Cairhien into Andor searching for the "fabled" Black Tower, his last hope. Davira fears to use the Power until he learns to control it, but has been forced into Channeling unconciously when he felt in danger. Although fearing the eventual fate of male channelers, he is resigned and now dedicates his life to becomming an Asha'man to help fight the shadow with every inch of his being, disregarding his own life (as he knows he is on

"borrowed time") focused totally on the Last Battle.

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