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Approved WK Bio for Kagari Yurehl - CC'd by BT


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DM Handle: Lironah


Character Name: Kagari Yurehl


Place of Birth/Raising: Four Kings area, Andor


Age: 16


Gender: Female


Physical Description: Kagari is a little on the short side, with large, dark brown eyes.  She wears her sand-colored hair short, falling just past her chin with a slight curl at the very ends.  There is not much that is womanly about her; she could easily be mistaken for a boy with her slim, unfeminine figure.  Added to this are her boyish clothes - dark breeches reinforced for riding, and a short brown coat buttoned over a white tunic edged in green.  Her boots are made for riding as well, and it doesn't take a particularly sharp nose to detect the smells of horse about her - leather, straw and other scents associated with a stable.  A slender sword is belted around her waist - she doesn't look like she knows how to use it.  A large leather satchel slung across her shoulder bears a simple emblem of a running horse in white-edged green.


She is never far separated from her horse Banner, a red and white paint gelding of no special breeding.



Character History


Kagari was the only child of Karina and Adwin Yurehl, humble farmers who raised horses not far from the town of Four Kings.  Her mother having died in childbirth, Kagari was raised mostly by her father, though Mistress Havin, a woman in town who had several children of her own, occasionally looked after her before she was old enough to ride out with the horses.  As it was, Kagari was practically born in the saddle, and quickly learned everything there was to learn about caring for horses.


When Kagari was fifteen, her father was tossing down hay for the horses and slipped, breaking his hip in the fall.  He managed to crawl from the barn before his lantern burned it to ashes, but even though he partially recovered, his strength and his ability to work were gone.  Kagari, always small for her age, wasn't able to do alone what the two of them had done together up until then.  They were forced to sell most of the surviving horses just to rebuild the barn, including all of their brood mares.


What followed was the roughest winter the pair had ever gone through together.  Adwin required help just to get out of bed most mornings, and they often went hungry as their stock dwindled to almost nothing.  Finally, when the spring thaw came, Kagari made the hardest decision of her life.  Selling all but two of the horses, she left her father with Mistress Havin and set out to find work as a courrier.


Riding her favorite horse, Banner, she was able to earn enough money to keep her father cared for.  She would ride from Whitebridge to Caemlyn and sometimes to the north or south for a little extra.  Sometimes while riding through the wilds, she would feel something strange...almost like voices calling to her.  It grew strongest when she took a trip north of Caemlyn, toward Braem. All along her trip back, she heard stories of wolf sightings close to the towns and villages she had passed through before.  Such tales frightened her - she was terrified of wolves and bears and the like.  Once back in Caemlyn, she bought a sword with some extra money she had earned, hoping it would make her feel a little safer along the road.  She had never wanted such a thing before, and she felt a little silly at first, but it did help.


After another trip back home, she was hired to deliver a package to Baerlon, in the Mountains of Mist.  She had never been so far, but the price was worth it, and talk of the Dragon in Caemlyn made her decide to stay away from it for a while.  But on her journey there, even stranger things began to happen...

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