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Should have done this sooner...


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Hey hello everybody,


For the past few years ive been (re)reading the Wheel of Time trying to figure out exactly how brilliant you have to be to create the entire WoT world.

So far it only lead to more questions: How did a world with this much detail fit in one head? How is it possible to know so many things on so many different subjects? How does one manage to be patient enough to write it all down piece by piece while there is so much more to tell?


Anyway I'm a big fan of Robert Jordan and can't wait for Towers of Midnight. I need to know what happends next! It's no longer about what I want, but about what i need!




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A lot of the stuff in the series are old myths and legends and some not so old stories.


Mind you, I'm not disparaging RJ. The man's an intellectual giant! The details from so many different countries, and professions, and sciences, and personalities, it just goes on. It kinda reminds me of Asimov.


Gokkus, have you found any Dutch myths in the series? I'm asking 'cause I've found some from my country.


And Good luck in the South African WC.

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Yeah there's plenty of king arthur in there :D That was the most onbvious legend/myth to me.


RJ must have known so much about all these (past) cultures it's incredible. And how he gave his own spin to them all (how they react to chanelers and such) and put them in 1 world.


The Aiel ancestry amazes me the most.


Hmm interesting question, I will think about it. I never considered anything Dutch related to be in the books. (Except that i live 10 miles from a village called Malden ^^)

I will post it as soon as i find a Dutch myth :)

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The Ogier Dane myth has a very Scandinavian feel to it. He was from Denmark.


We dont have many myths that i know of. The earliest stories i can think of are the victories against the Roman empire by 'savages'. Then there are some stories about the VOC during the golden age and some of the war against Spain.


Because Holland is a very enterprising but very small country there's not a lot of mysterie here. We always were pretty open and a densely populated country.


Maybe Willem van Oranje (Nassau) could be in there or the witch trials here at the waagh. Gets me thinking towards Amadicia.



You seem to be well informed about myths and world politics. Interesting stuff. I shall give it some more thought ^^

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