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Approved FL Bio: Julianne Morgan - CCd by WK


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Note: this bio goes together with the Bio of Gabriel Morgan, put up for approval and CC at the same day as this one.



Handle:  U4ea


Character Name:  Julianne Morgan


Character Type:


Place of Birth/Raising: Around Aringill


Division: Freelanders


Age:  25


Gender:  Female


Physical Description:  5’9”, Brown hair, Green Eyes Julianne is passably pretty, though far from a raving beauty, with the body of a woman who tends a ranch right next to her husband.






Character History: Julianne was born the only daughter of Wilson and Margaret Newell, who owned a ranch that bordered the Morgan’s on the Andor side of Aringill. She had only one brother, Samuel, but he was much older than she and most of the time felt more like an uncle. She’d known Gabriel all of her life, having grown up as neighbors, but it wasn’t until the summer after her tenth birthday when her horse bolted and crossed the bordering hedge that separated the Newell land from the Morgan’s that she lost her heart to him. They spent nearly every minute of the summer after that together, helping each other with chores when they weren’t finding other excuses to be near each other. Their parents humored them, though her mother cautioned her to find a more landed boy to set her sights on. When she showed no signs of doing so, they resigned themselves to the eventual marriage. As soon as she was old enough, they were married and Julianne found herself a rancher’s wife before the wedding trip was over. She settled into it easily enough, though as years went by with no children, she began to fret.


When Gabriel was arrested, she went straight to Swandell to rant, only to find herself the subject of his attentions. He lied to her about Gabriel’s charges and even told her he was dead before locking her in a guest room. She bribed a maid to let her out and on her way out of the house overheard Swandell talking to his ranch foreman about forcing her to marry him. As if it wasn’t bad enough, they were already planning the “accidental” death of her brother, leaving her family’s ranch in his hands, right next to the Morgan’s! When the foreman laughingly referenced Gabriel’s excuse for a trial in a few days, Julianne set out to rescue her husband.


Once free, she had to adapt her way of thinking to include not having a home or hearth, which meant no family other than Gabriel. It angered her enough that she vowed vengeance on the men who’d brought this upon them. With Gabriel’s brother dead, it left only Swandell.

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