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Hi all


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Hi everyone i've been meaning to sign up to this site for some time now i've read all the WoT books several times now and just finished tGS liked it over all but disliked some of the plot twists we shall see how it turns out....anyway my favorite characters are Rand Matt Logain Lan Bryne(even tho he is a general for the WT now still a great captain) and Bashere. I find Rand's recent battle with Semirhage and the power he used to be an interesting twist in the plot we shall see where it goes i hope to have long discussions here with some of you as i have been reading these books for years now and would love to finally get some input from other fans.


And as always Suravye ninto manshima taishite

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Hello! I saw your welcome threads in the Band social group and in the White Tower dorms and I thought I'd come to the source to say hello.


I don't know so much about me being a helpful debater, but I like to spam, and fiddlesticks is the place to do that if you want to join me sometime. DM is a big place, full of fun people, so you should come get to know some of us!


I'm Alanna Jr, by the way, not to be confused with Alanna... hm. :P

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Welcome to DM Dragan. The book discussions are great fun, and I think you will enjoy tossing around theories with everyone who frequents that board.

That being said, we also have some great RPers and wonderful Social Groups where you can just get to know some fellow WoT fans :)


Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or just post them on this thread.

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