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Hey all!


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Hello everyone!


A little about me:


My name is Tyson and although I lived most of my life in the states I now currently reside in Japan. I am a HUGE WoT fan and since I am about to start rereading all of the books (Plus reading a couple for the first time) I figured I would join some message boards and meet some like-minded people.


A little about my job:


I've been in the Air Force for a few years now working on Communications/Navigations systems and currently plan on crosstraining into Military Intelligence sometime mid 2011.



A little about my forum warrior experience:


I've been an active member of various internet forums for about a year now. However, the highest post count I've ever gotten to is around 600. With that being said I know a lot of internet lingo but some I things I'm sure are still a mystery. Don't grill me too hard when I mess up!  ;D

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welcome to DM!

we are all good people deep deep down so i dont think we will grill you too bad. Have you had a look around?

You should join a Social Group they really help anf fiddlesticks is a great place to get the hang of things


Hey pianoplayer!


Thanks for the warm welcome! I've had a little look around but since I've only read the first 9 books (All that was out when I read them) I am trying to 'step lightly' in terms of viewing the site. So far it's pretty much been the stickied posts and that's it. I'll heed your advice and go check out some Social Groups though, sounds fun!

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Hello Tyson!


My name is Eddie, and :o

You should say hi to Al Jenn Mael.

He is stationed in Japan at the moment, and is in the Air Force!


Anyways, yes, a Social Group is a great way to step into things. If you like Role Playing, you can check out their boards!


Hope you like DM.

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Welcome to DM! I am quite envious you are in Japan - I was there many years ago for 3 weeks as part of a school cultural exchange, and had a fabulous time! I would love to go back!


Enjoy exploring the site, and do not hesitate to ask further questions - we are here to help, even those creepy guys and lasses from Shayol Ghul. Do check out the various Social Groups. Most have a theme (i.e. the Band of the Red Hand is music, travel and eating out) and there are various information threads here and on the Forums 101 board.

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