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Its time? Already? (retro oaths)


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Sheri looked in horror on the Mistress of Novices for a moment before composing herself. Sha had been training her weaves of course, but compared to many others for rather long, and she had expected to be training them for yet a bit longer. Did she really have them down?, was she ready? This was the reason she was still here, her reason for years of strugle, with the aim to not let her grandmothers faith in her be foregone.


She sent thougths to the woman who had had a large impact on her life, and her hearth ached to think yet again she would never see her again. Sheri had found peace with the loss of her grandmother, but she wished she could have gone home to thank her and show that she had not wasted the chance given.

These were the thoughts going through her mind as she followed the Aes Sedai through coridors, and down stairs till she found herslef outside a massive door.


Reality washed over her as she watched the doors slide open, but one thing she always had been good at was puting on a blank face. She felt it almost unrealistic as she went through the ceremony, as if she watched herself from outside, answering afirmative to all asked, undressed and steped inside the ter'angreal she had refused twice before going through her arches.


It seemed as if time itself had stoped as she rushed through one challenge after another, as if they were endless. Anguish, hard choices, she was unsure if she could go on so many times. It was the principle of picking herself up and move on no matter what, because there was no choice, from ther childhood that saved her.


When she found herself lying on the floor inside a circle with voices around barely holding onto the power she was unsure if she could face the challenge. She wondered if it was worth it, what game was beeing played that she remembered instead of almost forget like the other times. When water washed over her she gasped, and while to tired to move her body off the ground, she looked tiredly around trying to remember what weave she needed, looking for the star. She couldnt see it, she was in a chamber with  Aes Sedai, where was the challenge, the danger, she couldnt pinpoint it, it was beyond her. Sheri sent her silent regrets to her grandmother, i tried momo, i tried, then things went black.


The wiff of food brought her back to consiousness, she was in her room, her bed, the afternooon sun shone through the window. She was confused, why was she sleeping in the midle of the day, if she was found out she would be flogged.


She sat up quickly, to quickly and the room spun as her head started aching and slowly memory came back. She realised she had made it, if barely, now she saw a letter on the food tray. It didnt say much, but confirmed what she suspected, and she had a long night ahead of her. She bit into a luke warm bit of loaf and sipped the tea, it had honey in it. She had made it, this was as far as she had thougth, her aim based on honoring the one person she ever loved.


Now she was suposed to contemplate her ajah choice, realising the simple choice was the yellows, her grandma would aproved of that, and she suspected it was expected. Her issue was she was not a people person, and she couldnt see herself stuck in the inferimery for the long life ahead of her, dealing with anoying patients with no sence for listening to those with more knowledge.


She wanted peace, she did not want to be stuck in big warcamps, dealing with anoying diplomats, nor activly seek out humanity in any way or form, specially not madmen who would be worse even then regular pasients. Effectivly she realised that neither yellow, green, gray or red was for her. That left the blues, she could choose her own cause, do what she wanted. The browns would let her loose herself to the peace of the libary which she loved but not for reading, it wasnt lack of interest, but her disability made it hard, she reluctantly put it aside, and moved onto the last ajah.


In a way with contemplation and thougth it could be seen as a reflection of Blues, she could choose her own dedication to focus on. The rest of the night went to flesh out the angle of her preferences and how they could take form and work to gain her a life she wanted inside either.


Sheri walked as in a hace towards her oaths, she had not reached a conclusion yet. Again it felt almost unreal as she went through the paces, and all too soon found herself facing representatives of the seven ajahs. Blue or white, she wanted freedom and peace,  both would offer it but in different ways. She wanted to be left alone, traveling was not something she dreamed of over much, her eyes shifted as she tried to remember sisters of both, and then first hesitantly then relived to have made a choice, and lastly eager to get it over with so she could seek her peace and lonesomeness, her steps carried her forward till she stood infront of the whites.


In her head already plans of how to escape the disapointment or such or any reaction really to not having chosen as she expected others thougth she would.

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