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Hi there!


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Hello everyone!


I have been lurking in the forum for a while now. Now that I can find some time to participate in the discussions, I thought I'd give a little heads-up here first.


I started reading the Wheel of Time back when Fires of Heaven was released. A friend pointed me to the books, so I bought the Eye of the World, and not halfway through it, the other books that were available then. Since then, I was hooked.


When Robert Jordan sadly passed away, I almost gave up hope that the series would be finished. I must admit that I was not sure what to expect when it turned out that Sanderson came in, but I think it is no spoiler to say that, in the end, I found The Gathering Storm to be one of the best in the series so far!


So right now I am re-reading bits back and forth, but this seems to turn into a full re-read. Which is something that I will certainly do once again before Towers of Midnight is released.


Cheers --- Leonem

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Welcome to DM! :)


I started reading the series about 7 years ago, so I am a junior compared to you two! And I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have done over the 6 years I have been here!

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