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The Life and Times of an Aes Sedai; A Study in Stupidity


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Excellent essay. I don't think you mentioned though how incredibly bad they need to be slapped silly. One of my absolute favorite parts of the entire series is when Mat spanks Joline. I laugh out loud every time I read that. There are very few AS that I don't want to just strangle most of the time.


I think the theme with them is "might makes right" and it also carries into their hierarchy of ranking by strength of power.

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  OK, so... lets hang the Salem witches again!

Or we could burn the people who have hanged the Salem witches!


  Aes Sedai are right and fit for the end of the Third Age. This corresponds, I think, with our Medieval Age. Kings, queens, monastical orders, wars and misery. In Randland is about the same. They are still fighting with swords and spears and are just on the way to use the steam engines and the weapons with gunpowder.

  Why would you expect more from an Aes Sedai than from Dominicans or Puritans?


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My guess is that it is a lack of inter-breeding between male and female channelers that has caused the the decline. We know, too, that in Shara the percentage of channelers has remained higher. Shara, where the children of channelers are required by law only to mate with the children of channelers.


Channeling is a double recessive gene =)

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