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Band Bio- Arya Somtaaw cc'd


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Handle: Ata

Character Name: Arya Daenerys Somtaaw

Email address: ata.dorje@gmail.com

Division: The Band

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Black long hair, brown eyes, 4’59’’, 88 pounds

Place of Birth/Raising: Shienar/The road

Character History:


Tamsanne was born the daugther of domani merchants, she learned trading and when the lust to adventure came over her she spent her hard earned money from her families buisniss in a minor wagon and a horse to go travel the roads. She would trade anything she thougth there be any value in and managed to get enough income to survive off.


Ever so often she would write home telling of her adventures to her parents. It was on her way towards the bligth she one nigth shared campsigth with a male traveler. She had had a good trade and was carying with her botles of wine, to celebrate she would open one of the botles to share with him, such keeping the cold outside.


It was but a couple months later she would learn the consequenses of the random meeting in the woods. Searching home to her family for suport she wqas turned a cold shoulder, her before so proud parents now saw her as a liability. Without anywhere else to go Tamsanne would search towards Shienar, to seek out her litle ones father in hope that the man would at least offer some help. But she was never able to find the man and so she hit the one place she had left, the road.

She would give birth to a litle girl in the early summer, one that would grow into a litle tombboy with the years under the influence of the stories of her past.


-9 years later-


Arya looked in horror as her home went up in flames, hiding behind a rock she could hear her mother scream, tears where runing down her cheeks. Her mother had sent her to check the traps before they left and when she came back the camp they had set up where filled with men clad in thorn clothes. Closing her eyes she saw her mothers face telling her of the dangers of the road, she had promised to run. Slowly she opened her eyes, her mother was pale and lifeless, she had seen that look once when she was younger, they had passed a wagon that had been looted.


Slowly she stared etching away back towards where she left her mare, slowly she started to lead her away into the forest. Her mother had thougth her to hunt to help on their food suply, she knew how to move quietly. When she couldnt hear anything anymore but birds singing and the flames and smoke was out of her sigth she stoped looking back and sougth to put up her speed.


That nite she curled up under the trunk of a tree, in a cavelike construction after checking her suply and thanking the creator that she had packed before checking the traps that morning. It was cold but she managed to sleep, she had picked nuts while walking but was still hungry, the traps had been empty. She could always set new ones but then she had to wait and she dared not. Summer was coming, her tenth, so she didnt worry, she had the treads from the snares, her hunting knife and she could always climb trees and raid nests, there would be plenty to live off from the nature.


For the months to come she would live from hand to mouth, taking work wherever she could and if not then live of what the nature offered. She knew what her mother had told her of her father, he had been a soldier and a good man from what she got. It was tending horses in an inn as extra help she heard of the band the first time. And when she was dismissed from work in the inn she searched towards where she had learned their citadel would lay. On foot the journey was a strugle and autom came. But still the weather was hot. And so it was with sgreen leaves slowly turning yellow blown into her hair from a mild autom breeze that she found herself staring at the gate for her goal nervously hoping she had made the rigth choise.


Clutching the reins she whispered, “Dashiva†this was for him, she would have made him proud she was sure. Tugging the reins she lead the mare towards the gate.

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