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In the Hole. (open to all)


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(I will warn you now, I am rusty on my WK. But, I have seen this place sit quiet for way too long!)


Winter sat in a chair at a table in the corner of the Hole in the Wall, a slightly smile on his face as he talked with his wolf companion Forest next to him. It had been a long day of sword practice, and his arms were sore to the point that he would rathern not have to use them. Sadly for him, the inn keeper had noticed this and put a mug of ale and a bowl of some of his stew infront of Winter.


"Why do you torture yourself like that Brother?" Forest asked for the third time that hour as Winter grimaced as he reached for his mug.


"Like what?" Winter responded with a slight chuckle which was dampend by a groan as he wraped his hand around the mug's handle.


"You know, why do you continue to use that bundle of reeds to hit that training dummy, it serves no real goal." Winter laughed at this, but was cut short by a growl from Forest, it was a playful growl but it held a tone of worry.


"I want to get stronger, and it is the only way I know how." He said in all seriousness. He had watched his brothers train thusly back in the Border lands, and he figured that he could do the same. Alright, he had been the bookworm of the family, and had looked more like a bundle of reeds then the practice sword when he had first come here. That was changing slowly at least, a few weeks ago he wouldn't be sitting here in the Inn, he would of been back at the house he was currently boardeing at, sleeping or attempting to sleep.


He was about to tell Forest as much when the door opend letting a breeze of cool air in with it.

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Rhya pushed the door to the Inn open hurriedly, scanning the dim interior with barely concealed impatience. She paid little heed to the hair clinging damply to her head or to the water dripping from her clothing as it collected in a slowly growing puddle around her feet and even less to the baleful glare from Wall ensconced in his usual place behind the bar.


She was certain she'd seen Winter heading in this direction and that certainty was borne out as her gaze lit on the two figures seated at the far side of the room, both watching her with no little surprise. Fairly buzzing with excitement, Rhya strode across the floor, ignoring Wall's imprecations about the trail of wet footsteps she left in her wake.


"Winter! The very person. You're not busy are you? Of course you're not. Come with me... bring Forest too. You have to see this," the words flowed from her in a steady stream, giving no room for interruption... or for argument... as she grabbed Winter by the elbow, literally pulling him up from the table and dragging him after her as she retraced her steps. "It's perfect, just what we need. We'll have to find some wood of course and do some repairs but I'm sure the others will help too. Oh do hurry up, it's not like you to dawdle!"


"Rhya!" They were out of the Inn, down the steps and half way along the track leading into the forest around the lake before Winter's shout brought her to a sharp halt. The rumbling growl from Forest which followed held no real threat but was a clear objection to seeing her companion manhandled in such a fashion and Rhya had the grace to look abashed for a full two seconds before her enthusiasm resurfaced once more.


"Don't stop, come on. We haven't got all day. You've got to see what I found before the light fades. It's worth it, I promise! No time for explanations..." and she was off again, leaving Winter and Forest little choice but to follow or be left behind. Curiousity was, as usual, a powerful impetus and it wasn't long before Rhya heard them catching up.



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Winter looked up as the door to the Hole opend and admited a rather soaked Ryha, he was taken slightly aback by her being soaking wet. She looked around the room slowly, as if searching for somehting, until her gaze fell on Winter and Forest, and she started off towards them. A small knot formed in Winter's chest for a moment, she looked determened about something, and what ever it was it had made her brave the rain to find him.

"Winter! The very person. You're not busy are you?" She said rather hurriedly, he opened his mouth to say no but she kept on going, "Of course you're not. Come with me.... bring Forest too. You have to see this." Her tone left no room for arguement, so he stood, rather slowly as he was sore, but before he was even halfway out of his chair she grabbed him by the arm and literally dragged him through the room and to the door. Forest ran after him and Rhya, a look of concern and shock on her muzzle. They were outside and into the rain before Winter was able to collect himself and pull his arm from his friend's grip.

"Its perfect, just what we need. We'll have to find some wood of course and do some repairs but I'm sure the others will help too." She looked behind her, "Oh do hurry up, its not like you to dawdle!"

"Rhya!" He said, with more force then he normaly would, "What is going on?" Forest added to this with a low, deep throated growl. It wasnt a threat, but more of an agreement with Winter.

"Don't stop, come on. We haven't got all day." she said looking back at him, "You've got to see what I found, before the light fades. It's worth it, I promise!" He opend his mouth to ask for more information but she went right on going, "No time for explanations..." And she was off again, leaving Winter and Forest no choice but to follow.

"Hmm, this should be good," Forest said as they ran.

"I hope it is, because that soup was rather good." Winter replied.

"Always thinking from your stomach, brother?" Forest said with a chuckle, only to have it halted when her own stomach growled.

"Looks like I am not the only one. After this we will go hunting perhaps, seeing as we are already out in the rain." Forest smiled at this, she loved hunting with Winter, showing him he didn't know everything.

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