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Battle for the White Tower


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"The shield will not hold them for long",Nynaeve Sedai said."Dreadlords are attacking constantly.

"We will be ready",he said to her,trying to stay calm.He didn't expected that they will break the shield so soon.But he will not complain.They had almost five days to rest and to get ready.He wondered what is happening in Shayol Ghul.NO news have come,but he knew that the Dark One didn't win or else they all would be dead by now.

Many of the Injured Asha'man and Aes Sedai were recovered by now so they still had a chance against Pherno and his dreadlords.

He found out three days ago that 300 000 Trollocs were sent as Reinforcements.

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Myrdrall walked from his tent leaving him infuriated.Demandred vanished three days ago when the reinforcements arrived and his spies were unable to tell him where he went.Bloody Chosen.He had more important things to do.Pherno was now in charge and he demanded to see results from him and other Dreadlords.Rumors spread through the Camp that Pherno will be promoted to Chosen as soon as he finishes with the White Tower.

Shield around the Tower was weakening every day more,soon they will have access to the Tower but he knew that another long and bloody battle was waiting them.By now most of the Channaleres of the Light will be fully recovered and ready to Fight.Theirs forces were outnumbering them,but he will not give up.Light forces were now mostly made from channaleres .They had small army maybe 3000 soldiers have survived and they had 300 000 Trolllocs that will be of great help when the battle begins.

Myrdrall brought him news from the Shayol Ghul.Most of the Chosen were Dead,Light was winning the battle in the Tarvin Gap and the Dragon entered in Pit of Doom three days ago.Since then earthquakes in the blight were constant and the Lightning Storms killed everyone who came near.If the Dark One looses it will be end for all of them.

He opened Gateway to the walls that were protecting the Tower.With the True Power he could see tiny cracks in the Shield made from the One Power.Even with Kalandor they could not mach the True Power.He begun channeling in those cracks spreading them.He could not destroy the Shield in one blow but eventually it will collapse.He smiled to himself.When that happen he will make sure that he would be the one Promoted not Pherno,even if that meant killing him.

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After routing the Red Hand soldiers and their Dragons, who had inflicted heavy casualties on his forces, Pherno had returned to the city. Surveying the ruins and that darned shield, he saw hundreds of thousands of Trollocs and myrdraal inhabiting the burned-out husks of the once-grand city.


Suddenly cracks began forming at the base of the shield. He could only see half of it, channeling wise, but the bits os Saidin that he saw were cracking from an unknown source. Since no female dreadlord had the power to do that, it must have been that upstart Dovien. 60 years, 60 long years Pherno had served the Shadow, by running errands for higher-ranking darkfriends, by destroying whole villages that refused to convert, by recruiting Darkfriends through intimidaton and fear. What had Dovien done? He had shown up a dozen years ago and had secured as much influence in that time as Phern had in 60! It was ridiculous! Dovien had to die, especially since Pherno was going to be promoted to chosen once that lightfool, Rand al'Thor had been defeated.


"Prepare to attack, my shadowspawn! They will not see another dawn!" Pherno shouted, and 300'000 shadowspawn began rallying for the final assault on the white tower.

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(OOC:  Any attempts to godmod Pherno or Dovien into defeating the 30 circles singlehandedly in the front hall will be ignored.)


Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Accepted, Dedicated, Novices, Soldiers were standing ready.  They had rested for three days, and were ready again.  Wholly rested and waiting.  The shield had started to crack in the middle of the third day, and even now, the defences were being erected.  30 circles made their way to the top, even as 30 circles stayed at the entrance, and the remaining 50 or so making their way to their various levels.  Any time now, and the shield would crack.  The True Power was being used, for neither Saidin nor Saidar had been detected, even reversed weaves.


Cyndane had been broken, and even now was in one of the circles, as a member.  No one trusted her enough for her to lead a circle, and that circle kept their eyes on Cyndane in case she tried to do something that would upset their plans.  But so far nothing had happened, and most of the attention was focused on the door, and the shield.  Even inside, when they could not see it, they could feel the Weaves giving.  Several Novices shuddered and hugged each other, trying to rid themselves of the awful sound of the constant hammerings on the shield itself.


Then the shield broke, and the doors exploded inward.


But the circles were ready.  Only so many trollocs could come through the doors, no matter how large, and a thick wall of flame immediately burnt to a crisp any who tried to enter that way.  Dreadlords cut the weave, but the Light had already made their next move, and winds that were beyond hurricane force smashed into the front ranks, and lightning seared the air, thundering and striking down dozens of trollocs every few seconds.  The front pack was routed, until the dreadlords worked together in circles, raising shields that defended quite a large portion of their army.


However, they were pressing in, and the forces of the Light backed off.  Fire blazed around, and even the warded stone of the White Tower was now cracked and blackened with the heat.  Stone erupted, causing deaths among the trollocs.  Weaves attempted to cut at the Light, but through teamwork and cooperation to a degree that the Shadow could never possess, no one had been hurt from the Light.  Yet.

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OOC: I assume this means Pherno blocked the Dragon-eggs entirely.  :P


Still OOC: I'm assuming from Blackhoof's post that it is nighttime. If you didn't notice, I'll be introducing non-channelers into this as much as possible. There really are sideline heroes sometimes.  ;)


Erek opened his eyes for the first time in ...hours? When had darkness fallen? Lifting his head he saw bodies all around him, most were charred. He felt, weaker. Not weak specifically, but different, mortal. His breath caught as his eyes locked on the top of an Aes Sedai's head, her hand touching his knee. The knot of emotions in his head was gone, and not a breath stirred from Enid. He should be mad with death of his Aes Sedai, but there was nothing wrong with him, no strong emotions to speak of. Maybe he was in shock, Enid had been a good Aes Sedai, he should at least feel sadness.


There was nothing to do but find out where he was. He was supposed to be near South Harbor, but most buildings were more rubble than building. Towards the Tower he saw milling trollocs just four streets over, but they seemed too intent on the Tower to even turn around. His eyes found Lym just a span from his Aes Sedai Emile. There was Jaerd another fifteen paces away, his sword ending a foot from the hilt and most of his torso burned away. He saw no sign of Rina, but there was Waylin with a splinter the size of a spear through his stomach just a little ways from Jaerd.


Looking down at himself he was startled by his lack of injuries, there was a large bruise on the back of his head, he would feel that one for a while, but even his bow was unscathed. Shaking his head, he emptied his quiver, that had not escaped unscathed, and twenty broken shafts fell to the ground. Jaerd won't be using his. That almost hurt to think, but it was true. This is battle, there is life and death. Erek jogged off, looking for a way onto the rooftops.

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Prepare yourself he told the Dreadlords who were among the first rows of the attack force.

Witches had strong force of chanaleres ready to repel any attack he sent but they were no match for the True Power.He weaved the web of death and sent it on the circle that was defending the Entrance to the tower ground.They resisted few moments but after some time they were all dead.He commanded the Myrdrals to lead the one fist of Trollocs inside he will protect them.almost all circles here were made of accepted or novices linked with Asha'man soldiers.They were no match for him.Typically the witches were hiding in the Tower,protected by the walls.They sent minions to fight him.He smiled.They made his job a lot easier than he expected.

After this finishes he will be new Chosen,if his plans work all the way,he will be Nae'blis.

Lead your circle behind me and protect me from the enemy channeling as i work,he ordered to Alviarin.She bowed to him and did as ordered.She was usable tool.Pherno still didn't suspect that she was working for him instead for Demandred.Fool,but dangerous fool.Pherno had more experience dealing with shadow than himself.maybe he will not kill him,just wrap his mind with compulsion so strong that Phernos only goal was to please him.Yes he will do that.Pherno had much informations that he could use.

He drove the True Power,refusing to surrender himself to the extasy that the Great Lords power provided.Massive ball of pure blackness hit the Wall of the tower,creating the hole at the bottom,big enough for trollocs to enter.

We have to draw back,Alviarin said to him with a tense voice.Circle will not hold on so long.

Draw back he ordered loud enough that all dreadlords heard him.He had very little of them left,he will not risk them without need to do so.His goal was to provide the entrance in the Tower.

He could not see Pherno anywhere but he sensed channeling powerful enough to know that Pherno was the one channeling.He probably sought that full T'sorovan M'heil.He wanted his revenge no matter what and that made him weak.If something goes wrong,Pherno will be the one who will be guilty and punished.He smiled darkly as he opened the Gateway to outer walls

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OOC: Im sorry, Hadilmir, but narisma saying that three days had passed meant that Pherno had to have routed the Dragons, but some might have survived, herno is too busy now to worry about a few cannons.  :)


I apologise or my numerous godmodding incidents, and will try not

to do it again.


IC: Pherno cut down another soldier with a quick slash of flame. Where was that fool Orbein? Pherno would rip him into little charred pieces! Then he would kill Dovien in a "friendly fire accident" Yes, a little "friendly fire" would do the trick nicely. Smiling to himself, Pherno drew deeply from the massive well of power available to him and blew a hole in the side of the tower. Trollocs streamed through, and the lightfool channelers inside responded by sending weaves of power at them.


Pherno was powerful, but not even he could withstand dozens of full-strength circles. And he knew it. Blowing another hole in the wall, Pherno waited for the trollocs to whittle the lightfools down. Then he would finish them. And Orbein. They would all die.

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"I don't care what are Aes Sedai saying,just do as I said"

accepted bowed her head slightly and turned toward the stairs for upper levels.She was the messenger from Greens,to tell him that he must hold on.Despite the Circles,mass of shadow spawn were entering the Tower much faster than they predicted.His Asha'man were fighting  almost whole day now,they needed rest or somebody will die from exhaustion.He didn't have intention to let that happen.

"Push them harder",he ordered to them."I don't care that you are tired,you are not here to rest,you are here to fight."

He sensed powerful channeling on the east side of the tower.That was Pherno,he was sure,nobody of the Dreadlords had such Power,even with angreals.

He raised Callandor,the sword was shining like the sun itself from the Amount of Power he channeled through him.

In the moment the new hole on the wall of the tower opened,he sent massive weave of fire toward the advancing Trollocs.For the moment he was sure that he saw Pherno,standing outside ,bit the next moment,nobody was there.

Pity,he hoped to kill him,but at the moment he had bigger things to worry about.Fire from the Callandor stopped Trollocs for the Moment,but they will be back soon,and the channeling of the Dreadlords was causing much damage to the Tower.If they don't do something soon,nothing will be left of the Tower to defend.Dreadlords will tore it.He swore loudly as another hole was breached.He will not let the tower fall,not as long as he is still alive.


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OOC: Alright, I mean, if Pherno wants some non-channelers dead, I'm fairly certain they're dead.  ;)

I meant the three 'surprise' Dragoneggs Aludra launched when Arvandos died. I suppose an air shield blocks Dragoneggs as easily as anything else. :D


Another Myrddraal lashed out as an arrow ripped through it's throat. No Trollocs fell with it, but Erek slid back down into the shattered attic anyway. Caution had kept him alive this long. He didn't know how many linked Trollocs had died, but that was his seventh Myrddraal since he found his way to this roof last night. Enid. He shook his head and crept over to the heavily dented canteen he had found. He kept forgetting how mortal he was now and he couldn't afford to be dehydrated atop a building surrounded by shadowspawn.


He stopped before the canteen reached his mouth. Just across the alley, a dreadlord peeked out from the cellar of an inn. She looked around for a moment and another dreadlord joined her. Just as they were shutting the cellar doors again Erek saw more of them crowding the bottom of the stairs. He had been wondering where the non-circle-leading dreadlords were hiding. Maybe he was ta'veren himself, Enid would get a kick out... Enid would have gotten a kick out of that. Still no emotion.


He turned back to the matter at hand. One look at the building told their mistake, it would hold, but only if the supports in the common room held. Without those three it would likely crash straight down. Smiling to himself, Erek climbed down from his ruined attic over the blacksmith's shop. Surely there was an axe somewhere nearby.


OOC: Something very bad is about to happen to these particular dreadlords. If I were a darkfriend, and I'm not, I'd go check on my circle. Well, excepting Dovien.

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OOC: Large numbers are thrown around alot in this thread and the series, but to get a picture of how many trollocs there actually are in this battle, i like to picture the 10'000 strong uruk'hai horde from the second lord of the rings movie. Times that by 30 and you have 300'000.


Messed up, isn't it?  :)Like, how could they fit that many trollocs into the city? Crazy.


IC: Pherno blew a final hole in the side of the tower, and flew back to inspect his handiwork. Shadowspawn were swarming through dozens of holes made in the walls of the tower, and the lightfool circles inside were falling back, moving into higher levels to hold off the shadowspawn. But they were doing a bloody good job of it. Thousands, tens of thousands of trollocs had fallen, and the shadow had only overran the first level. There were still many more levels to go, but their were many, many more shadowspawn where that came from.


It was time to settle some scores. Inverting his weaves, Pherno flew up the side of the tower, all the way to the top. Emerging from the side, the lightfools at the top jumped in shock, but Pherno was too quick. Seeing Orbein, Pherno pointed at him and shouted, "Hold, lightfools! I challenge you to a duel!" Orbein lowered Callandor and stared grimly at Pherno. Hatred was in his eyes. "I accept. I sense that we are equally matched. I will enjoy exacting vengeance for my wife and daughter."

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(OOC:  Only a few hours have passed after the shield fell.  And the city is several miles wide, allowing for hundreds of thousands of people to stay inside...)


Silviana spun around a burst of flame sprouted nearby.  Hissing in anger, she saw the dreadlord whom which Vora's Sa'Angreal had been stolen.  There were twenty-nine leaders of circles around her, along full circles of 72, along with Orbein, whom, wielding Callandor, could command as much power as any of the circles around here.  The other members of the circle were on the level below, helping out when they could.  But they were useless, practically, seeing as the One Power was being wielded by the leaders above.


Silviana prepared one very nasty weave of Fire that would be potentially able to burn Pherno to a crisp and vaporize the ashes produced.  Around her, she felt weaves being readied, flows being channeled.  She watched as Orbein raised his sword, then...


Pherno challenged Orbein to a duel.  Silviana immediately leaped forward.  "NO!  Orbein, you were placed under my leadership by no less than the Dragon himself, you will obey me.  Stand down.  You!"  She turned to Pherno.  "One who has forsaken the light.  You have no honour, nor do you deserve to die honourably.  Circles!  NOW!"


She let loose her weave, and Fire burst forth from her hands.  A blazing display of power shot up from the roof as weaves the strength of hundreds of channelers flew up at Pherno.  Fire roared around him, pressing around, even as winds blasted him into them.  Flows of Air, seeking to crush him where he stood wrapped around, even as others channeled clubs of air.  Lightning seared and thundered in the air, hotter even than the flames blasting around Silviana's hands.  Now was the time to pay back for losing Vora's Sa'Angreal.



The lower circles had been pushed back to the second floor, and Salima joined forces with another circle, beating back the trollocs that were rushing up the stairways, with flows of Fire and Air.  A finger was leveled, and a blazing bar of white heat thundered in the air, and lightning blasted the ascending shadowspawn to ashes before cracking against a shield.  Salima immediately threw up a strong shield of Air even as Fire blasted back at her in return.  The others in her circle ducked back around the corner as tendrils of fire started to seek them out.  They pulled the members of the other circle behind them, even as Yoru, the Asha'man leading the other circle struck back with a weave that caused the wall next to the dreadlord to explode with a roar.


It reminded Salima strongly of the Seanchan invasion, where Salima counted herself lucky to survive.


But she was more ready for such a thing now, and the defense was far more coordinated.  The Shadow were forcing themselves in by way of sheer weight of numbers and Pherno's Angreal.  If the forces were equal in number ... well, safe to say that the Light would have sent them packing a long time ago.

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OOC:Arani i hate to be the party spoiler,but please follow the Story.Orbein is the T'sorovan M'hael,and he is commander of Asha'man who are not under Aes Sedai command.He is only an ally,and he listens Logain only.Even Amyrlin does not have command on him.I wrote this in previous topic.


He swore loudly as Silviana and her circle stepped out in front of him to fight Pherno.He was the one who will kill him,not some damned Aes Sedai.He drove the Power through the Callandor,and opened the Gateway to the World of Dreams.In same time he wove the ward around him and Pherno,to Prevent Aes Sedai from attacking.Silviana stared at him wide eyed.In that moment she was thinking that he was Darkfriend too,but she didn't understand,nobody did.Pherno had to pay for killing his wife and daughter,that was the only thing that mattered to him in this moment.

"If you want to fight,follow me",he said to Pherno.

He watched gateway with suspicion in his eyes,before he stepped through,following him.

Even before the Gateway closed he attacked Pherno,using all his skill and knowledge,Pherno will die or he will die,there was no third choice.


OOC:Pherno,I read your post on another topic,scene was happening after the Battle for the White Tower,after this whole Last Battle RP,I want to ask you if you want our battle be the introduction to that scene or you want to continue RP-ing here.

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Dovien smiled to Alviarin as she bowed to him.she learned her lesson,and now was obedient as one of those Seanshan da'covale.You did well he said to her.His task was now much easier.She was the one who talked Pherno into the fight with that fool Orbein.Now he could take control of the battle and take all the Credits for destruction of the Tower.

"How are our circles advancing",he asked her.

"Slowly,great master,with every level we take we loose many Trollocs and Myrdrals.There is about 150 000 left and we reached only to the Ajah quarters,that are empty,we didn't find anything useful there."

His anger boiled and he opened to the True Power.Magnificent and overwhelming,it threatened to Crush his mind,like every time he used it.But he stayed alive,he was still in Great Lords favor.He will be victorious here no matter the price,now as he had one less obstacle on his way things are going to be more easier.

He opened the gateway to the Tower Ground and started channeling at the Circles on the upper levels who were standing on the Platforms of air and killing Trollocs below.He destroyed those platforms,killing many of them,but some survived,attacking him with more anger than before.He countered those attacks,and stopped many of them,but some got through and killed many dreadlords,but that was not important,because he made big hole in the middle of the tower,damaging it more.Soon it will fall.Even big and powerful structure like that could suffer only so much of the damage,before it starts crumbling.

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OOC: That is everyone, right? I hate pulling a cheap-shot like this without everyone knowing. For the sake of RP'ing let's assume this isn't Pherno's circle. ;)


The barstock slid perfectly between the handles of the cellar doors. With the racket coming from the Tower, Erek doubted anyone below had heard the soft rasp of steel across wood. There had not been an axe in the forge, but then, atleast one Trolloc in every three had one. Trollocs too busy looting to hear his footsteps were easy targets. Hefting the cursed thing, he slipped back into the common room. With the bloody axe weighing near twenty pounds it took very little time to tear through the two foot thick beams. Halfway through the second support he heard banging from behind the inn. Laughing, Erek finished the second support and moved to the center beam. His laughter had taken a turn towards maniacal, he must be insane from the loss of his Aes Sedai, but what did that matter anymore?


A single blow to the center support shook the building and the ceiling groaned. Heedless, Erek swung again and then he was out of time. Leaving the axe stuck deep in the support he heard the collapse begin over his head. There was a snap above him, and he dived towards the nearest window. There were Trollocs just four streets down, but the falling ceiling was much closer than them. Something struck the back of his head again, and he wondered if he made it as he slipped into blackness.


OOC: Why do you guys have dreadlords who can't do anything so close to the Tower? That's really not a good idea, they're just regular humans if they aren't leading a circle.

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OOC: i think that some unlucky dreadlord circle-leader is going to get a nasty surprise... dont wory, i approve of sneaky tricks like this, even if they are directed at me.  :D


Arani, seriously, i have been trying to force a duel with Orbein for ages, but you kept foiling me... do you dislike the idea of a melodramatic, suspensfull fight between two sworn enemies? Well, me and Narisma obviously dont.


Thank you, Narisma, finally i get the duel i've been looking for! And yes, i was planning this thread to be before the post in the gateway thread.


IC: Pherno leapt through the gateway that led to what must be the world of dreams, and Orbein began attacking me as soon as he entered. The gateway closed and Pherno deflected Orbein's attacks. Pherno began windmilling his arms, and fire appeared at his fingertips. Suddenly Pherno stopped windmilling and flung his arms forward, sending two swirling discs of flame that went straight for Orbein.




Lupin deflected another fireball and sent a blast of lightning at an Accepted. She blocked it wth an air shield, but a trolloc came up behind her and cut her head off. Lupin laughed quietly as he sent more of his ressurected zombies at the ligthfool chnnelers, choking the corridoor with bodies that had to be incinerated entirely to be truly killed. True, for channelers tht wasn't that hard, but it was still difficult, especially if they had never fought zombies before. Gathering his power, Lupin wove compulsion and about to ensnare the mind of an near-unconscious Asha'man Soldier when suddenly, he felt a blast of pain and fear through his circle members, and the power at his disposal cut off abruptly. His circle was dead! Lupin was alone, unaided with weak strength in the power!


His zombies floundered and died, corpses without Lupins strngth. Before he could get over the shock, a lightning bolt from a Dedicated hit Lupin in the chest, and darkness overcame him.

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as Phernos discs of flame came he had just enough time to create the shield around himself.Hot air burned his coat,burned his skin,but that didn't matter,he was alive.He spun the weaves of air and fire,creating the ball of lightning that should give him some time to figure out what to do.His emotions lead him to this battle,rage inside him demanded Phernos blood,but now as his thoughts begun to clear up,he wasn't so sure that this was the best idea.But now there was no turning back,he will kill him and get it over with this all.

He created the ball massive enough to keep the Pherno distracted for a moment,but he didn't sent it yet,he wanted Pherno to think that he is tired and slowly but steady losing the grip on the Power.Just a moment he waited,long enough to Pherno suspect him but not long enough to see the trap .Pherno was not a fool he had to admit that.He finally sent the ball toward the ball toward the Pherno.

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Pherno sliced the ball of lightning in half with a lash of flames, and it fizzled out uselessly. Pherno smiled. Orbein was tiring. All that channeling from on top of the tower must have been exhausting for him.


Pulling his arms back, as if about to push something, Pherno wove fire and flames began swirling in his palms. Suddenly Pherno pushed his hands forward, and a storm of ribbons of flame shot out. The ribbons swirled and snaked, like they were alive as they headed for Orbein.




Daerod sent another fireball at the lightfools lines, but it fizzled out long before it reached them. This was ridiculous! But they were gaining ground. Thel ightfools had been pushed to the third floor, and their line had been broken at several places throughout the halls. Their were simply too many Trollocs. Hopefully, their were enough.


Suddenly there was a roar, and Daerod was shoved aside and nearly crushed by the massive bulk of the Bower that had just crashed through the hall. The Bower shrugged off the weaves of the lightfools and smashed into them, crushing several instantly and ripping apart more. the Trollocs howled and dashed forward to flood the broken channelers. Scattered and disorientated, the lightfools that didn't flee were soon killed by the bower or a trolloc that managed a surprise blow.


The Trollocs and bower paused for a few minutes to feast on the flesh of the fallen channelers, but then they finally moved on, down the hall, and hopefully to a stairway.

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Pherno was smiling evilly at him,he was confident that he will win this battle.Let him believe he thought,that was all part of the plan.He used Callandor as a shield to protect himself from Phernos attack.The blast of the power was tremendous,he could see the flows even after the Callandor cut them in half.Pherno was using full power of his black sword Angreal.It was time to try something different he thought to himself.To take him by surprise.

Instead of using the power,ha attacked with Callandor,using the Crystal sword as an weapon.

Wild Lions running from the mountains,he used to attack Pherno.

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"Push harder" he ordered to one of the Dreadlords,after he reported that they were suffering massive loses on the third level.He didn't knew what was on the third level,but it must be something important because witches risked their lives to stop Trollocs from advancing.If it was an object of power he will give it to the Dreadlords to increase the power in their circles otherwise it will be destroyed as everything else those witches had.Those foolish girls will be turned to shadow,but some will became toys for the Myrdrals as reward for destruction of the Tower.He will enjoy hearing theirs screams for mercy or quick death.Myrdrals had that effect on women,especially those who could channel.

"I don't care if they kill every Trolloc we have if that means destroying them."

Woman spread her eyes in disbelief but she accepted order.

There was so little trollocs left,only those of the black guard species survived deadly weaving of those lightfools.Even with reduced numbers he had more than enough of them to force witches in retreat.

Great Lord was merciful with him.The true power didn't affect him as it did other chosen,he was still alive even after using so much of the True Power that no human being had aces to even in the time of the breaking.

He did not take part in minor battles,those were for lower dreadlords but it he will take part once they reach upper levels where the witches were hiding.He will use the circle of 13 myrdrals and 13 black women to channel the true power through them.It will have hazardous effects on the blacks but he didn't care.It was ultimate weapon.With that he could destroy the Tower in blink of an eye.He didn't used it yet because it took a lot of power to do something like that and if someone survives he will be to weak to fight them.He would die in a moment.This way he made sure that he survives.

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Tokrei wrenched the throat from the Trolloc who was standing on his way.He was full of the anger because of what they did to him.They will all pay for that soon.He will show them how big theirs mistake was.another Trolloc tried to stop him,but his sword could harm him,his skin was  not so easily penetrable.Last five years Aginor and after him Dovien experimented upon him,trying to create perfect human soldier.He was loyal darkfriend then,ready to do everything the Chosen ordered him,but now all he wanted was revenge.He hit the trolloc with his fist in the chest and felt the bones crushing before the beast died.He could channel but he didn't used the power so often,that would be one more string to attach him to the Dark One,because he didn't believe in rumors that saidin is clean.Rand al' Thor wasn't the Creator.They used weaves of earth,fire and spirit to change his body and to give him strenght and speed above the normal human.He was now stronger than Trolloc and had a speed of a Myrdral.His skin was so tight that even the blade could not pierce through.He will use those skills for revenge.Battle around the Tower was spreading as more Trollocs came.He ripped the Arm from one of the creatures as it tried to smash his head with the mace.Myrdrall was standing before him turned to the Tower,making sure that no Trolloc flee.He didn't saw him until it was to late.He broke its neck leaving him dead on the spot.Those who he killed were not refusing to die as normal myrdrals do,they died instantly.

He sensed the True Power channeling on one of the upper levels of the Tower,that must be Dovien.One of the gifts he was given after the transformation was the ability to sense the True Power when it was being used.Dark One wanted the perfect asasin,one who could hunt down and kill even his most loyal servants if it was necessary.

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OOC: that is so creepy, i was planning to do that to you... attack with my sword.... creepy...  :o


Pherno parried the surprise attack with his glowing black sword and made an attack with his blade. Pherno was no slouch with the sword, although he enjoyed using the power more. They fought for what seemed like hours, parrying and riposte-ing, thrusting and slashing, but no blows were landed, and they were both unharmed.


Pherno dodged one of Orbeins thrusts and knocked him off balance with a surprise weave of air, and orbein nearly fell. Pherno seized his chance and knocked Callandor out of Orbeins hands. The shining sword arced past them and landed several feet away, out of reach. Laughing, Pherno was about to pull Callandor to him but Orbein leaped at him, knocking them both to the ground.

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So close,but yet again out of the reach.He cursed himself for letting Pherno surprise him like that.He tried to reach for the Sword but he was busy trying to stop Pherno from using his sword angreal who was close by.He kept his weight on dreadlords upper body,because,without using his arms Pherno could not use weaves.He remembered something about the world of dreams and smiled.Suddenly there were two big rocks protecting Phernos arms.Dreadlord groaned in agony,but that would not last long.He moved rapidly,seizing Callandor and Turning around to face defenseless Pherno.He disliked killing unarmed men,but now he did not care.Pherno killed his wife and daughter who had no way of defending themselves.He was not human,as long as he cared this was dangerous animal that had to be killed.

Fist kicked him in the back,strong enough to force air out of his lungs.He was in shock for just an moment before he turned around.Another fist hit him,but this time he was ready.He embraced the pain.

Pherno was standing,holding his sword angreal and grinning at him.He looked in to the creatures eyes and found insanity big enough to devour the whole world.

He was surprised at least.He knew Pherno would free himself quickly,but his arms should be useless.The rocks in the World of Dreams had the same effect as the real ones.He had no time to think about it,because storm of different weaves hit him in a blink of an eye.He was forced to step back or else he would be killed.Now he thought,now was the time to give a deadly blow

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Pherno didn't know what he had done. One minute there had been two large rocks crushing his arms, and the next he had wished that they weren't there and his that his arms were better, and they were. Pherno grabbed his sword and threw a storm of firey weaves at the shocked Orbein. Orbein deflected them and stepped backwards.


Pherno held his hands together, and wove fire. Soon, flames surrounded him, flickering and grasping around him like a flaming coat. Suddenly Orbein sent a storm of lightning at him, but Pherno's fire-coat expanded and formed a huge shield in front of him, and the lightning blasted uselessly into the powerful weave. "Time to die, Orbein, sorry but you've been a pain." Pherno shouted gleefuly, and his arms shot forward, and the flaming coat followed them, becoming a huge wall of twisting flames. Orbein easily defended himself with an air-shield, but he didn't see the volley of fireballs Pherno had sent after the firewall.

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He saw the volley of the fireballs that Pherno sent with an glimpse of an eye,but it was too late to do anything except to bring more force into the shield and hope that it will hold.It had to.When the fireballs hit his shield,massive heat weave hit him,he draw only a slightly more power through Callandor than he could handle without the help of angreal or Sa'angreal.It was risky,if the shield collapses,he will be turned into the ash in a moment,but if his trap is going to work,than Pherno had to believe that he is weakening every moment more.Sweat run down his face,he was beginning to feel like he was bathing in a pit of doom.Heat burned down his coat,little flames begun to form then they vanished and appeared again,burning his skin.He begun to form weaves,concentrating on them only.All of the world around him faded.Earth and Spirit dominated,but there were flows of the fire too and glimpses of air and water.To someone who could not channel he would look like a zombie,standing still,not doing anything while the fireballs fell down on him,like the rain.But he was preparing something deadly,something that could only be used only in world of dreams,and only once.

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