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Another New Guy.


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Hi, I'm Lazarus if you didn't notice already.


I'm fairly new to the Wheel of Time series, I started reading them about 4-5 months ago because of a recommendation from a friend and I've been hooked since.


Due to my usually busy schedule I've only read Eye of the World, The Great Hunt and about a third of Dragon Reborn, so I'm trying to find other people to have conversations about the books with as I go and trying to avoid spoilers at the same time.


Hopefully this is the place to make that happen.



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Heya! Welcome to DM and congratulations on your new addiction LOL


At least you can read and get most of the story... RJ was only up to book 5 when i started reading LOL It was always a looong wait between books :)


Hi and Thanks,


It is one of the reasons I am kind of happy I'm starting the series this late, I can finish one and start the next. I'm sure I'll have read all thirteen by the time Towers of Midnight comes out.

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