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Hello Everyone!


I've just finished reading "The Great Hunt", so I'm quite new to the series, not just this forum.


I'm quite astonished at myself...I've always considered myself a dedicated fan of the fantasy genre, but somehow I managed to entirely miss The Wheel of Time until now. I suppose it was because I was busy raising my 11-year-old twins and was simply too tired to read much of anything.  These days my boys don't require so much, other than a constant stream of food, so I'm determined to catch up.  I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to commit to the series after "The Eye of the World", but the Hunt of the Horn turning out so fresh and unexpected sunk the hook in deep, and I know I'll have to follow Rand and the others all the way to the end now.


I'm looking forward to finding company and conversation on the forums here as I progress through the novels.  Thanks for having such a great presence on the net!



(whom, if she were Aes Sedai, would be one of those dreamy, distracted, encyclopedic Brown Ajah sisters)

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Welcome to DM!


Glad you found the books - but be warned, there is a bumpy ride ahead in parts. Though I think most fans would say that of any length series.


Enjoy browsing DM. There is much on offer here, and hopefully you can find a few places to call a "home from home". :)

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Hey and welcome to DM! 


I felt the same way about the books once I got started.  I just couldn't put them down! :D


And by the way, you could be a Brown Aes Sedai here.  There is roleplaying, which I don't know much about, and also a Social Group White Tower where you can apply to be a novice and eventually get to Aes Sedai and choose your Ajah. ;)

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Hey, welcome to Dm!  I'm Krak and I'm the moderator over at the Entertainment Discussion Group and I'm also the leader of the Infantry over at the Band of the Red Hand Social Group.  Entertainment Discussion is pretty self-explanatory; we talk about movies, tv shows, and games.  So if multimedia entertainment is your niche, you should definitely drop by and give us your input.


Band of the Red Hand is all about music, travel, and food - everything a good soldier lives for.  We're in the middle of moving our off-site boards to DM, so it's  a little messy at the moment, but that's no reason not to drop by.  So if any of this sounds good, stop by and introduce yourself.


Enjoy DM and have a good time.

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