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Hello, I'm me how do you do?


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Hi, I'm me and I think that's a good thing because if I wasn't myself then who would be?




Anywayyyyy...... I have the tendency to be active on a forum up until I start getting close to my hundreth post. At that point I always seem to just stop for some reason that I still don't know. Oh yeah and I love humor/humour (whichever way you feel like spelling it) and try to use it in all of my posts, even if it isn't particularily funny. (All you got to do is look at my first sentence) (incidently, I also like parenthesis(es?))


Still there? Wow you're either blind, bored, both, or smiling (It happens once in a while I guess) <==  [shadow=red,left]look! it's a parenthesis![/shadow]


So! I better get back to my essay that's due tomorrow because tomorrow I have to be able to do the work for tomorow's tomorow  ;D ;D (oh ya i like smileys too  :o)


[move]ps: I forgot to mention I like the wheel of time series really really lots and that Canada (guess where i'm from!) won gold at olympic hockey 8)[/move]

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Hi! The truth is, I am really busy this week so I didn't have time to look around much.

I will when I get my spring break though probably (this saturday  :D :o)


Ooops I almost forgot to answer your fisrt question!


I like good natured humorous banter about this and that, the occasional serious disscution to break off the routine, and reading good/interesting news about wheel of time movies/games/books (one of the main reasons I joined actually)

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