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Hi there


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I've been lurking for a bit, long time fan of the WoT series.


I've been reading the WoT books for what seems like forever, I estimate that I've read the eye of the world about fifteen times now as I re-read the series when a new book comes out, and sometimes just because.


With ever increasing demands on my time I've taken to listening to the books on my media player, so the number of 'reads' is unknown, I'm up to The Shadow Rising again, where Rand is coming with the dawn :) Chapter 27 ish?

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I'm still reading through the Red Eagle forum, WoT MMO post at the moment, before I say something stupid that has already been said, because I have some definite ideas about a WoT game world.


So many posts, so little time ;)


Thanks for the warm welcome, *hugs* to you :)

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