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Somehing that has been bugging me

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Ok there is what two, three seals left on your man Shaitan's prison. He has a pretty strong grip on the pattern we are lead to believe. Possible examples would be the unnatural weather, bubbles of evil, cahnging rooms and spoilage of food.

Okay not all of these might be caused by the dark one, some could be due to Rand and he whole being tied to the land like the fisher king of arthurian legends. I think we can safely assume hat the weather was the DO, the black Ajah stated it and the bowl of winds worked. So with a couple of seals still on the prison the DO has a pretty strong grip on the pattern.

Now what is everyone afraid of. The DO breaking free of his prison and being able to touch the world once more. Now this has happened before in the Age of Legends when the bore was drilled . His prison was open and free of seals. What did he really do. He helped them rediscover war. Couldn't of been to hard to do that, swords were still being used albeit in a friendly sport but its not too much of a step from playing with swords to killing with them. Just look at Aram, he didnt know violence and he was quite willing to start using it. We also know that there was bad people in the world before the DO broke out, binding rods and that chair of remorse where used in keeping naughty channellers in line.

So starting the war of power can he be given to much credit for that. He offered some power hungry lunatics immortal life and they pretty much took over from there. So what did the DO one do to the pattern when he was free? Also how long was he free to affect the pattern? And why should people really fear his touch? They already have war and are pretty viloent. What can the DO one really do. Looking on past evidence not a lot.

In saying all that I willing to be proven wrong. It just bugged me that we dont have much evidence of what he can do when free.

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unnatural weather; yes, the Dark One did cause that.

miasma (bubbles of evil); more of them happen around Rand (and the other taveren), but they seem to not cause them.  miasma have happened also around other people.

changing rooms; those seem to happen almost everywhere. I cannot see anyway for Rand to have caused those.

spoiled food; that also seems to happen almost everywhere.


Like another poster told, the Dark One was not free during Age of Legends.  The Forsaken attempting to free him was the cause of the War of Power.

Though yes, the Dark One seems to have given the 13 immorality; slight chance of them surviving being sealed roughly 3000 years if they were not given immortality.


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Yes I also think possibly only the weather is the DO influence but the seals are on the bore right. So when the seals are gone the DO one will be no freer than before as it will still only be the bore.


So it was only the bore before and it will be only the bore after the seals are broken. Why are the forces of light worried then if he the seals go. They werent there before and the war of power went on for ages and the dark one did very little. So unless the forsaken have a plan to blow the bore in his prison even bigger, which they never discuss and surely all they have to do to ahieve this is to do what Lanfear did before. They havent done this or I havent read about any attempt to completely free the DO. So this leads me to believe that the bore in his prison is all he needs.

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