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  1. I think Dr Strange laid down a good foundation for how it should look. In terms of weaving glowing magic threads into geometric shapes at least. Here at 2:12, 3:25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHwwn7TaXBY
  2. Her height is the only issue for me really, maybe age too when you consider this series is probably aiming to go 10 years, but I have no doubt she can play Moiraine performance wise. Appropriate physicality will absolutely need to be observed for certain characters however, like Rand, Perrin, Lan & the Aiel in general. You cannot cast a shortarse as Rand.
  3. Whoever shouted Cavill as Galad I think that's a good call. He really gives off that charming but uber-straight laced goody two shoes vibe (that went completely unused as Superman). Might be too big a name though. Buscemi is a good shout for Fain, but he maybe a bit too old now at 60. Alicia Vikander I think would be a good Moiraine. Got the acting chops, pint-sized stature, around the right age (30) to hold down an ageless look for 10 years. Well known but not too big a name either. Katherine McNamara could be a good Elayne, though I don't think I've seen her act in anything. Maybe Rosamund Pike for Morgase. My total off the wall would-never-happen-but-would be-hilarious-and-crazy-enough-to-work-if-it-did choice for Thom, Taika Waititi: Aging him up 10 years or so would be easy, but of course he's busy making movies. Tom Holland could be a good Mat, but he's way too big a name. Agreed. Casting this needs to keep a good 10 year run in mind if everything goes as well as we want it to. And I'd say we don't want want Clarke as Moiraine full stop. I don't think she's a good actress. Definite no to Hoffman. He's not just "not that tall", he's properly short, like 5'7". Nearly a full foot shorter than Rand is supposed to be. That's something I think should be noted, Rand's height isn't arbitrary, it's part of his heritage and character. He's the kind of tall you can't fudge with camera angles and tricks, whoever is cast needs the height. Same for Perrin, he needs to be physically imposing, it's part of his character, it's how/why he learned to be so considerate and careful. Wu also seems quite a bit too short. Henwick, as big a crush as I have on her and would like to see in this, is wrong for Nyn. The Two Rivers is supposed to be ethnically homogeneous, basically cut off from the outside world for about 2 thousand years, few leave, few outsiders ever visit. That's part of Rand standing out too, because of his height and eye/hair colouring. It's also what makes the Emond's Fielders the audiences eyes and ears learning about the wider world of WoT, they're simple country bumpkins knowing not that much more than the audience does. As you mention Orphan Black, I'd like to see Tatiana Maslany in this. Maybe a Forsaken, Lanfear or something. Isn't Min supposed to be several years older than Rand? Mid/Late-20's? Shipka is 19 and looks younger.
  4. Moiraine (and Lan) are only mysterious from the POV of the Emond's Fielders. She can't remain that mysterious if she's the central character. WoT is an ensemble series, sure, and Moraine can get plenty of screentime, but at the center of that ensemble is Rand, Perrin & Mat followed by Egwene & Nynaeve. The Emond's Field crew are the audience surrogate into this world, their community has been basically cut off from the outside world from the outside world for 2 thousand years. It is through those 5 that we really discover this world, not Moiraine. The 5 are the heroes going on a journey, Moiraine is the stranger come to town. Making her the central character would be a mistake, IMO. Also, It's been about 6 and a half years since I've posted here...
  5. I think Rand is actually descirbed as being average height for an Aiel. I really don't think Lan isn't 6'7 either. Was Caddy looking at them side by side? Maybe Rand was slouching? Anyway, TGH chpt 1, Rand & Lan training on the tower- "...Lan stood just as tall [as Rand] and more heavily muscled, if not quite so broad in the shouders. [...] a face unlined as if to belie the tinge of gray at his temples." DDL definitely has the type of face I picture Lan having. Clive Owen is a good pick. Neeson would have been great but he's 60 now. Bana is a good suggestion. Sean Bean is all wrong for Lan. Great choice for Tam though. Casting a live action WoT I think you can fudge the traits some characters more than others. The actor playing Lan doesn't have to be 6'6, it's not really crucial to his character. On the other hand characters like Rand (whose heritage demands he be very tall) or Perrin (whose size informs his personality) should be as accurate as possible.
  6. people have too high an opinion of lan when it comes to his martial prowess as far as i am concerned. yes, he was possibly the most dangerous non channeler in the world, 10 years ago. nobody thinks about the fact that the man is old, blademaster or not age counts, even with the bond. Lan isn't old though, he's mid-late 40's. Considering the bond hold vitality well into old age, & of course RJ's comment wasn't speaking of a 10 years younger Lan... A farmer with a quarterstaff, age not specified IIRC.
  7. Not official. We'd have heard if the script had been greenlit.
  8. Metallica, Tool, Opeth, Scale the Summit, Joe Satriani, Apoclyptica, Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Pantera, AiC, Rodrigo Y Gabriela Metallica are heavy metal, amongst other things. You mean UG.com where there is a Metallica specific thread in the "metal" sub-forum? Forums like that attract a lot of immature "trv methul!!1" elitists who think that if something is popular then it's automatically crap/not heavy/not metal. Those kinds of people aren't worth paying attention to.
  9. Aemon isn't a Hero of the Horn though (unless I've missed something), so Hawkwing or another Hero not calling Mat "Aemon" doesn't mean anything.
  10. It would be Europe actually, with Seanchan being the Americas, Shara would be Asia & Africa & India are completely gone. The Land of Madmen would be Australia or maybe Antarctica. Keep in mind events like the Breaking where mountain ranges rose, oceans disappeared, etc,.. There was actually a poster on here who overlayed the WoT map with a real world map, I'll see if I can find it. EDIT: That map overlay thing must have been the website change over, can't find it. This is the best WoT world map I can find.
  11. It's possible, and IMO probable, that they aren't named for the colour of their eyes. Just as Knife Hands don't literally have knves for hands or Stone Dogs aren't dogs made of stone.
  12. Isn't it actually pionted out in the books?
  13. Rand (& Mat & Perrin) did not become ta'veren until shortly before Moiraine & Lan arrived in the Two Rivers.
  14. 1. Mat's memories are not those of the Heroes of the Horn, I don't know where you got that idea, just of various soldiers, generals & adventurers. 2. Mat is the Hornsounder, as long as he lives the Horn is just a horn to anybody else. i.e. No one else can call the Heroes.
  15. All countries (as well as pretty much everything else in WOT) are amalgamations of several different things. You can't point at Shienar and say it equals Japan. There are several other influences in there.
  16. That's faulty logic, saying it's 2-1 to Gawyn wehen they haven't faught eachother. Galad hasn't had the oppertunity to fight 2 of his teachers or 3 bloodknives.
  17. Yeah, I thought it was pretty clear he was joking.
  18. That's actually not how it happened. Aes Sedai had been on the continent of Seanchan since the Breaking & they weren't connected to the White Towere at all. Cowardly or not, Randlanders didn't have a'dam to back them up.
  19. I must point out that nothing in WOT is a direct, one for one reference or translation of our myths. Every place & person is an amalgamation of several different things. I think Lan is about 47 now.
  20. So I heard. And that may very well be the case, because I had always been under the impression that b'fired souls were lost forever Balefire was never said to destroy the soul. Seems to be a fairly common misconception though. It burns ones thread back a certain amount of time depending on the strenght, it doesn't remove the thread entirely. Yes, the pattern was unravelling becuase of the use of balefire and that's why everyone stopped using it.
  21. Nope. Mordeth was a man who had explored a different kind of evil.
  22. RJ said he's about 6'2". I'm pretty sure Perrins axe had a longish haft. At least I've never seen it described as having a short one.
  23. Robert Jordan was planning them. Currently it's unknown if they'll be completed. I have no doubt RJ had already decided how the main series would turn out before planning the outriggers. Maybe eventually, but it's not going to happen in the main series.
  24. You are remembering that incorrectly. The Aelfinn actually said: "To marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons! To die and live again, and live once more a part of what was! To give up half the light of the world to save the world! Go to Rhuidean, son of battles! Go to Rhuidean, trickster! Go, gambler! Go!" Nothing about him having to die twice. This prophecy was fulfilled when Mat died in Caemlyn at the end of Book 5 when Rand goes after Rahvin (not in Rhuidean). So that combined with the fact RJ was planning the outrigger novels set 10 years after Tarmon Gaidon & focusing on Mat, he isn't going to die in the Last Battle.
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