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I started reading this series when Eye of the World was first published and have read every subsequent book within two or three days of release.  My previous visits to this forum have really only been for the purpose of learning the date the next book would come out.


Hopefully, I can have a little fun here with other folks who feel that this is the best series ever written (hobbits don't come close).


By the way, Mat is my favorite character.  We have way too much in common.

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Deviations!! Welcome to Dragonmount!! We got something for everyone in here. Please feel free to check out all the forums and don't be afraid to ak questions or post in any of the threads. Be sure to read the rules for each forum before posting, though, just to make sure nobody toes get stepped on. Although that could be fun too...hmmmmmm....


*steps on deviant's toes and runs away laughing*

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Wow!  This forum is amazing!  I'm a moderator on a lifestyle forum (english speaking folks working in Japan - but nope I'm not in Japan), and the creativity here is astounding compared to that.


I never imagined....


Well, I'll start by dipping my toes in here & there.


Thanks for the welcome.

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