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New as of a month ago!


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Yes, I joined about a month ago (Edit:That's a lie! I just checked my join date and I actually joined in June!) but did not get on until now, lol. Anyway, m'name's Sarah in RL and I'm fifteen. I've been a WoT addict for around a year and a half or so and am looking forward to getting to know everyone 'n such! So hi!

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Welcome Marivea to DM. I'm Cairos Sedai and i'm from the WT Org. I'm the Head of the Gray Ajah on the WT Org side. You should check out some of the Orgs and also the RP side of DM.


*gives Marivea a plate of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes*

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Welcome to Dragonmount! 


Always happy to greet a new rp'er.  If you're looking to take part in the White Tower division (where all the Aes Sedai are rp'ing) we could always use a blue *slips you a bribe*


Either way, I'm always looking for folks to rp with so look me up when you're all set up and in play.  Also, let me add my voice to those who have probably already offered to help you.  If you have questions, don't shy away from dropping me a line.  If I don't know an answer, I'm always glad to point you to one of the super people who does.


Again, welcome and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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