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Mara Novares - WS Gain


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Starting WS was 4, never got around to claiming gains for her...


...Also, she's a Wilder, but has received permission to get to WS 15 since her block is her Talent. Should she learn to actively channel she loses the Talent and her WS (if higher than the cap) will be lowered accordingly. As it is, she can only channel for the purposes of the Talent.

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im curious, Jehaine, because I think I missed something. When I read her bio as you introduced her to me, I didn't get the impression she had the ability to channel. So I'm a bit confused as to whaat this block is and how it is her Talent?

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Odd, she's had official OP scores and everything...


Mara Novares: Strength - 23; Skill - 23 - Wilder - Blocked - Linked to her talent


Fire: 3

Earth: 1

Air: 8

Water: 8

Spirit: 3


Anyway, it's because of her Talent, Listening to the Wind. It needs 2 Air and 2 Water to be used and that's the only reason she can channel, as it is she believes it's a sixth sense of keeping her crew out of trouble.


Basically, her block is her Talent, and she loses the Talent should she ever learn to consciously channel (a.k.a. break her block).

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ok, that took some time to find that information, but I got it now. We assume this block Talent thing is similar to Nyneave's skills with the One Power prior to her knowing it was the One Power she was using? If so, then please be note that Nyneave did not lose that skill once her block was gone. The skill was still there. She just never knew it was a talent to do with the One Power 'before' she met Moiraine. It also wasn't her only skill, as her healing skills too were rather magical, but it was the one she managed to controle in order to survive being a wilder. (the 1 out of 4 rule)


So 'should' Mara ever lose her block, she won't be losing that talent.


That is, if we've understood you correctly and this is indeed a similar situation to Nyneave's during her Wisdom time.


We're currently in the process of re-setting everything up for WS/OP stuff, so you're updates will soon be added to your character's records. We'll let you know when that is done by posting here.

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