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Approved WK Bio for Kailani “Kai” Sawyer - CC'd by BT


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Character Name: Kailani “Kai” Sawyer (Pronounced kye-LAH-nee SAW-yer)


DM Handle: Serey


Age: 20


Gender: Female


Place of Birth/Raising: Far Madding


Physical Description: Kai has tan skin, long black hair, and is of average height and weight (5'5” and 130 pounds). Her hair is most often worn in a braid, that reaches down to her hips. Kai's face is oval-shaped, with a rather broad nose, ears that stick out too far, large eyes, thick eyebrows, and full lips. While no beauty, Kai has a pretty smile, good teeth, and dimples that transforms her from homely to hansom.




Character History:


Nose to the ground, she sniffs and smells the scent of rabbit. Excitement ripples through her body snapping her tail taught. Crouching low, she follows the trail. Wind stirs, and with it comes the smell of her pack. They follow at a distance. This was to be her kill.


The rabbit, catching the sent on the wind, spooks and runs.


She follows, running so fast her paws barely seem to touch the earth. Jaws open wide, she lunges for the rabbit, teeth sink into flesh. Her momentum carries her forward, tumbling, sprawling, she regains her feet and shakes the rabbit, tasting blood - fresh, hot blood. The rabbit stops its struggle and she drops it on the ground.


Alpha comes beside her, and she licks his chin and moves back so that he may eat first. Then it is her turn. She rips off a leg, and munches, hunting for the bone and the sweet marrow inside...




Kai woke up, covered in sweat. She leaned over the side of the bed, reaching for the chamber pot. The taste of blood thick on her tongue, she wretched. “Not again,” she muttered, and curled up into a ball - too scared to go back to sleep.





Kai grew up, the daughter of servants. Her childhood was unremarkable, she played with her older brother, and other children of the city, getting into the kind of trouble that all children do.


At 12, she began working as a scullery maid, and moved up the ranks to become a cook's helper by the time she was 16. Around her eighteenth name day, she married her childhood sweetheart, Brason Sawyer, the only son of an innkeeper and began working in the inn's kitchen with her mother-in-law. The two did not get along, and Kai suffered the woman's mean temper in silence. She loved her husband, and he loved his mother. Kai understood she couldn't have him, without putting up with her.


Brason had been a sickly child, and while his spirits were greatly improved with his marriage, his health declined rapidly. Two years after their marriage, he died. Before the dust could settle on his grave, Brason's mother kicked Kai out on the street.


In a state of mourning, Kai was taken in by her brother and his wife and given the task to look after their three daughters while Kai's brother and sister-in-law were at work. While she never fully got over the sadness of losing Brason, watching over her nieces, teaching them to cook, and doing chores around the house chased the sadness away. It was at night, tucked into bed, that it crept up on her and led to bad dreams.


Her dreams, always vivid, started to change from nightmares of searching but never finding Brason, to running through woodlands. At first, the new dreams were comforting, and she welcomed them. But as time went on, the dreams became more and more vivid, blurring with reality. Kai's sense of smell and sight improved, and her tastes changed - ruining her cooking (at least for everyone else who had to eat it...)


Kai began walking in her sleep, often waking up on the floor, or outdoors. Embarrassing as the sleepwalking and loss of cooking skills were, Kai didn't worry, and denied that anything was wrong when her brother asked.


But then, she had a dream, the most vivid yet, and she awoke to the sound of screams. Kai's nieces often slunk into her bed when they had nightmares, and on this night, little Jana had done just that. Kai had dreamed the now familiar dream of being a wolf, hunting - and when the screams woke her, she found her niece's arm in her hands, and her teeth sunk into the child's flesh.


Mortified, Kai packed up her things quickly and fled. She made her way into the Hills of Kintara. There, she found an abandoned hut, and made it her home. But, away from civilization, the dreams came more frequently, and at night she could hear wolves howling in the distance, as if calling to her.


Fearing she was going mad, Kai barred the door of her small hut, curled up on the bed, and cried. She stopped eating, throwing what food she did have out the window. Without drink or food, Kai knew she wouldn't be long in dying, and delirium blessedly chased all dreams away.



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