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'loha there, Dragonmount Groupies. I've only started to wet my feet with the Wheel of Time series and my buddy boy, Roxinos, has decided I should join these forums. He introduced me to the books and so far I've just finished reading the Dragon Reborn. But anywho, I hope I'm not too much of a bother and will delightfully like to see where these forums take me. :twisted:

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I think this is the first time I've ever TOUCHED the New Member's board. I feel dirty. *shudders*


The stench of newbie in the air burns in my lungs. And my skin is crawling. Is this natural?


Oh ya. Welcome, dude. I brought ya. *nods* Now get your *ss out of here and get to SG so I don't have to stand around waiting for a "welcome" and some such. And the inevitable praise for me for bringing new bloo-- I mean people to DM.


*looks around*


*foul taste in mouth*


*walks out very quickly*

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Guest Egwene

Good work, Rox :wink: ... ah, I mean, welcome, Bhaird!!


Lucky you... still books left to read... wish I could say the same thing!

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