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Hello Dragonmount


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Hi, this is my thread introducing myself.


I've read several threads on these forums already, and so I thought I would join in as well. My favorite posts being theories. I love to know what people thinks is happening, and what might happen, or people's take on things that have already happened. Its my hobby to read other's theories, lol.


I live in north Georgia, small town 20yo boy working for a small town company, but a huge fan of WoT. I picked up the first book by accident, I thought it was a Song of Ice and Fire that a friend was going to lend me. A few weeks later the friend asked why I didn't get the book from him, and I told him I found a new one called The Eye of the World, and he said "Damn, I bought it but I can't remember what I did with it. I think i left it at the store" Of course I told him that's probably what he had done, cause I wasn't done reading yet :D I did eventually buy him another copy, to be fair.


My current hobby is a game I'm trying to create,just really stated it at www.wotrpg.net its a remake of the Legend of the Green Dragon code, which is a remake of the old BBS game Legend of the Red Dragon.


Maybe it will pick up, if not it still keeps me occupied.


So yeah. Hi. :D






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Welcome to DM!


If you love theories and stuff, then the Book Discussions look right up your street! Don't forget to check out the rest of DM has there are a lot of cool things there. If you get stuck or lost, don't hesitate to ask questions - everyone is friendly and will help you.


Whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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