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New member, old reader


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I feel sort of like I should be standing at the front of the room going "Hi, my name is LNitefall and I've been a WoTaholic for the past 14 years now."


As always right before a new book comes out I shift over to uberfan mode and mentioning just about anything from Randland will get me going. The other day on another forum,  another member commented how he had started reading the books but swore he'd never read them again. I asked why and he said because they would never actually end. He was mad when enemies who had been killed off started coming back again in new forms, and thought it was just a gimmick to keep the books going indefinitely. One of the things I've always loved about the books though is the intricate foreshadowing throughout. I pointed out from the beginning where it hinted that such things were not only possible but probable. We went back and forth for a bit, and I pulled out my notebook where I had taken note of all of the viewings, dreamings, and foretellings (so few of the latter one sadly) and we discussed the what has come to pass, what will come to pass and what's still up for interpretation or may never come to pass. This morning he was cursing me because he'd picked up EotW and was re-reading it once more and noticing all the little details this time.

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welcome to DM :)


if any series requires a note book to keep events striaght it's this one lol 


i've always enjoyed re-reading a series cause ou often find things you miss, in the WoT i bet you could reread it 20 times and still find something you missed or overlooked.


how many times have you read the books? and whats yer fav?

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Welcome to DM!


I've only read the series properly once, but I do pop into the books now and then if doing something for the Band of the Red Hand ORG. Sadly, the books are at home with my parents so any re-read is off the radar at the moment - at least I can enjoy other fantasy series instead!


Have a good look around the site, and don't hesitate to come back here to ask any questions if you get lost or confused!

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