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other series as epic (or close ) as WoT

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So what do you consider a good darker series/stand alone novel. Something with darker humor and lots of war/death.


The stuff that I've liked is...

The Name of Wind is awesome by Patrick Rothfuss. One of my favorite books. Can't wait until the next one comes out on paperback.

Might as well include Harry Potter.

Shannarra by Terry Brooks I didn't like so much - mostly due to changing the cast of characters between each book (that I read). But I likes his world for the most part.


ASOFAI by Matrin (not a big fan on how much it jumps around, but still one of my favs)

I really connect with Sanderson's writing. Mistborn Trilogy is awesome. I figured out Elantris pretty early so wasn't into. I was more waiting for the main character to figure it out. But I loved the magical system. Way of Kings will wait until paperback. I also plan on reading Arcatraz series at some point.


For Star Wars lovers....The New Jedi Order series (13 books I think) is a must read. I've read a lot of Star Wars, and this series is by far my favorite.


As far as SoT/Goodkind goes. The first two/three books are good. Then...


Then we go into Dues ex machina mode. If you get married 3 times and millions of other things (that aren't mentioned) then magic will die out. The ultraterrible beast that really doesn't do anything and just plays follow the leader. Prophecy is way overused. The two "big" deaths (Warren and Annalisa) of the series have no point. The death of Jagang was utterly anticlimatic. Huge let down. If you praise Rahl Jagang can't find you. The only Wizard of the First ORder....is a minor character... My name is Richard Rahl and I can tame any wench or beast. So I have this huge ginormous army breathing down the heroes neck, but I'm not gonna use it to storm the castle. Let's just have the leader of the army go in basically alone.

The good parts (that I liked at least) is the soul jumper into animals guy/idea. Warrior Kahlan is probably my favorite part of the series. The anti magical <- liked - disliked ->descendants of Rahl idea. The first two/three books are pretty good, in my opinion, and I regret finishing the series.


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