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  1. 2012 really???!!!???!!!??!!?!?

  2. So I am reading the first Malazan book currently and it struck me that the way magic is portrayed in WoT is really the best way I have seen in any fantasy series. I dont really like that males and females deal with different sides but that is a little nit picky. What do you guys think? Have you read a series with a better way of dealing with magic?
  3. I loved song of ice and fire and am so pissed in has been 3 years since the last one
  4. I am looking for a new series to read I have gone through WoT,Tiger and Del, Star Wars (like 40 of them so far) Sword of Truth, and all the david eddings books and a couple of others but do any of you guys have any recommendations
  5. I apoligize to everyone for starting this madness
  6. how many sisters are there total around 300 right it would be crazy if 1/3 of them are black ajha
  7. everything-it is just so many pages with so many story lines it is hard to keep track plus i finished a few years back
  8. How many are left? Who? isnt the Keeper right now a Black and any other info anyone has on the Black would be nice
  9. Then why are people saying she is the creator and stuff how retarted
  10. Who is Bela cant remember read to long ago
  11. Kill off Faile so that That Perrin goes in to the Last Battle Is crazy beast mode
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