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[MOVIE] Twisted Land of OZ


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I would go see this...


"Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane tells Empire Online that the film adaptation based on his 'Twisted Land of Oz' line of action figures is moving forward faster than many expected.


The 2003 toy line reimagined the characters from L. Frank Baum's 'Wizard of Oz' book series, making the munchkins into mutants, the Tinman into a cyborg, Scarecrow into a straw-stuffed zombie, The Wizard himself looks like Freddy Krueger meets a steampunk-inspired Victorian gentleman, and Dorothy looks like a submissive from a Gothic BDSM club.


Script-wise McFarlane says "they're on their second iteration right now, trying to get it into a zone that makes sense. Josh Olsen wrote a draft that didn't quite strike Warners fancy. Everyone was a little lukewarm. They wanted it more sexy! So they were going to do a rewrite and get some fresh eyes on it"


British tabloid reports suggested a start date of early next year, to which McFarlane says "I'm sure the higher-ups at Warner Bros. would like to have it on their schedule, and they're probably moving in that direction. But we've seen in our lifetime thousands of cases where things don't go according to plan."


The tabloid reports also suggested Dakota Fanning as Dorothy and a film shoot in the UK. The latter McFarlane shot down, saying it hasn't been decided yet. As for the Fanning talk? "I haven't heard that. If we just do a sugary sweet Dorothy that everybody has seen over and over for 50 years, as far as I'm concerned, that's too obvious. I'm happy to go with whoever will get the most people in the seats, but sometimes that can change from month to month."

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