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Hi everyone ~  ;D

I'm new to the forums so I thought I should introduce meself :)

Name: Tamara

Gender: I'm almost certain I'm female, but you can't always tell

Occupation: student, cat lover, Pratchett obsessor


lol xD

Anyways, been reading Wot for quite a time, but I only got to book 9. For some unknown reason I stopped at that point, but a few days ago some weird creature seized me by the throat and threatened to kill me if I don't read the whole series again :O And so, right now I am reading DR and hopefully I'll read KoD this time next week (if I don't want to end up getting killed :O ). So here I am ~


I'm still quite confused with all the Organisations and Divisions here, but I guess I'll get the hang of it after a while  8)


See ya all ~ 



Edit: I browsed the forums for a minute or two - I saw the most hilarious thing ever  Children of the Light - Dragonmount's Comedy Discussion Group! bwaahahahahahahha :D :D :D



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Hey, welcome to DM!


I love your avatar, it's so adorable!  I love cats, myself... >.>


Anyway, you said you were confused about the Orgs and Divisions...


The Divisions are the Role-playing side, or "the Dark Side" of Dragonmount. :D  So, if you go there, it's for Roleplaying and stuff.


The Orgs are basically the community side.  Each Org has a different theme or purpose, but the main goal is for everyone to have fun and make friends.  You'll also find many people in more than one Org; for example, I'm in more than half of the Orgs....


So, anyway, it can be a bit intimidating at first, and sometimes it's nice to have someone help you through it, if it's overwhelming. :)


If you ever have any questions, you can ask them here, or you can even PM me!  I love helping out. :D

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Welcome to DM! :)


Mmeeshal has pretty much explained things with regards to the ORGs and the RP side. There is also a thread on this board that explains everything that DM has to offer, so that might be worth visiting.


Oh, and have I got someone else to mention the RP side as the "Dark Side"? ;)


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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