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First meetings (Attn: Valan)

Covai Seriba

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Covai leaned against the trunk of the tree as he started munching on a roll stuffed with beef and cheese, using his legs as they dangled from the branch he was on to keep his balance. He was finally enjoying some time alone after his return to the Black Tower.


As he looked around at the Farm, it was starting to be a distant memory of what it once was. Many buildings remained the same, The Inn for example, which Covai was secretly relieved to see. Surprisingly enough his quarters has remained untouched. The wards he had placed has long since warn off, but surprisingly Dashiva has been maintaining them in his absence.


Taking a sip from the wineskin at his hip, Covai washed the food down. I should probably give Dashiva more credit.. Covai mused. The man was as serious as they came, and Covai was about the exact opposite. One of the few things they shared in common was their recruitment to the Black Tower, by the 'runaways' Koras and Zybnek.


Covai grinned to himself. Now there was something that occured a life time ago. Scratching his beard, Covai wondered what would happen now if a recruit called him a fool like he had called Andar in front of everyone back them. Sure, he had been foolish, and looking back now he could even be called suicidal, but he had done what he believed to be right, just as he always had, and always would.


Taking another sip from the wineskin Covai heard someone stop under the tree. Craning his neck Covai saw it was the man he had been waiting for.


Tighting his grip with his legs, Covai shifted his weight to the side as his slide from his perch. Mock-saluting to the newcomer as he hung upsidedown from the branch of a tree, Covai greeted the man. Admitedly, Covai didn’t exactly look the part of a Storm Leader Leader of the Black Tower, hanging upside down from a tree in the middle of the day, but never really was one who protocol. He had heard some people whisper that maybe the taint had started to affect him already, and maybe it had. The only thing Covai knew was that if he was going to go, he was going to make sure he had a good time before he did.


"So hows it hanging Valan?" Covai asked. Gripping the branch with one hand, Covai unhooked his legs and dropped himself to the ground, landing in a crouch before standing. Rolling his eyes as the soldier saluted, Covai shook his head and motioned the man to relax. "Take it easy, I'm not hear to tear you to sheads or anything. Here.... catch." Covai took the winskin and tosssed it to the man. "Have a drink and sit down."


"You're new to the farm right?" Covai asked. Valan nodded as he took a drink from the wineskin. "Thought so. You'll have to forgive my slip, we're supposed to be calling ourselves the BLACK TOWER now. But as you can see..." Covai craned his head upwards "There isnt exactly much of a tower yet. So far its a title only, but its apt for what will eventually be. Plus it sounds more impressive too."


"So tell me, what do you think of the place so far? No need to try and tell me what you think I want to here. I place much more value on a man's honesty than his flattery."

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