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Approved WK Bio for Zippo Sei'Cair - BT CC'd


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Character Name: Zippo Sei’Cair

DM Handle: ZippoSeiCair

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Caemlyn

Physical Description: Zippo stands at about five feet and four inches tall, not the most imposing, and has never weighed more than a hundred and thirty pounds. His eyes are a surprisingly vivid blue especially compared with the dark hair grown below his shoulders. It was often said during his pubescent years that if it weren’t for his eyes he would be quite unremarkable.





Stories of honour and courage often fascinated Zippo and left him wondering if his ancestors were ever as valiant as the heroes in stories. When Zippo posed this question to his father he got quite a curt reply; “Honour and courage put very little coin in your pocket boy, get your head out of the clouds and put it somewhere useful.” Being a merchant Zippo’s father couldn’t see much use in anything that couldn’t be either sold or traded for profit.


As the years passed his interest in ancient battles and heroes failed to wane despite his father’s hopes. Fortunately he seemed able to keep Zippo from laying his hands on any weapons, fervently believing the young man would only manage to hurt himself.


The more years passed, the more apparent his disgruntlement with life. The bright blue eyes that often dazzled young ladies alternated between a bored glaze and an almost frightening intensity with no apparent cause.


Zippo’s father began leaving him behind when he went to negotiate instead of trying to teach him the trade of his forefathers. This was partly because of his unkempt appearance, but mostly because of his startling eyes that often had his father’s associates whispering of madness.


Zippo became prone to seemingly unprovoked outbursts and periods of bleak silence that couldn’t be broken. The outbursts disturbed and rightly frightened the servants as he yelled for the creatures in the walls to keep silent or wrinkled his nose and complained of horrible smells. The strange behaviour only seemed to grow increasingly unsettling as he would sit outside and stare up at the sky. Quite often he would be heard remarking on the beautiful colouring of some bird when all anyone else could see would be a dark speck.


Even his sense of taste changed and he began to demand more meat and for it to be cooked less and less. The servants truly began to step lightly around him once a rumour of him mistakenly eating a raw steak without noticing circulated through the manor.


The unnerving behaviour continued to grow worse with time and his father decided the only way to deal with him was to pretend he no longer existed. So Zippo was left to his last sanctuary and what seclusion he could find with the bustling Lower Caemlyn outside.


Maybe it was the isolation with his senses growing steadily sharper that drove him to it, maybe being alone with his dreams and the constant noise and bustle of Low Caemlyn outside. No matter what caused it, Zippo’s sanity seemed to gain a visible crack. After near a full two weeks hiding in his room he suddenly emerged, opening the door just before a servant managed to, and giving the poor woman the fright of her life.


The unsettling intensity his eyes had sometimes taken on seemed in full force, but the truly disconcerting aspect of the encounter was the ring of gold on the outside of his still mostly blue irises. The servant found it so unsettling she gasped and took a step back into the wall on the other side of the narrow hallway. If that were the only feature to change the servant might have recovered after some time. Unfortunately Zippo also wore a grin that showed his full set of white teeth, not quite a normal smile, but the grin of a man gripped in the clutches of madness and mostly aware of it. With her reaction he gave a high-pitched chirp of a laugh that sent her running down the hall.


With his long dark hair uncombed, and his once fine wool clothes rumpled and somewhat stained, Zippo strode uncaringly through the halls of his father’s modest manor, leaving a trail of somewhat frightened and bewildered servants in his wake, and out in to the city streets. Even at a peak hour for business and trade some in the throng of people took notice of the young man, quickly stepping aside. With every reaction Zippo laughed, laughed louder, until finally he could even be heard over the hundreds of voices bartering for goods or shouting out their wares for sale.


Zippo left Caemlyn that day without a look over his shoulder and hoped to outrun the dreams that kept him awake at night. Hoping to leave behind the abundantly noisy bustle of the city despite his newfound fear of the countryside. The things that happened in his dreams always took place in some supposedly serene countryside.


Maybe Zippo truly did look mad with that troubling grin upon his face but he had learned something in his isolation. In the face of adversity or a great trial one could do only one of three things. One could shake his fist and shout until his throat grew raw, sit down and let the tears flow, or sit back with a smile and laugh. Obviously he had taken the third option.


Laughing his way out of the city, he travelled west, with no real destination in mind and the mad laughter overriding all thought beyond his desire to stay on the hard packed dirt road.


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