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July 2009 Reports (Attn: Blue Ajah)


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Hey everyone! Could I please have your RP report? I think there is only Estel, Andrea and Claire here right now, so I am sure you all know how to make your report, right?



Name of RP

link to the RP

then a little summary of who is in it, and what it's about


Please, please, please with blueberries and other blue yummy stuff on it?  ;D

Otherwise, I may have to go through and find all of your posts and that would just be kind of suckie  ;)


*hugs Ajah*


Please do this as soon as you can. >.< We are running a little late.



Serena Morrigan

Blue Ajah


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Estel Liones


Play Me 'Dem Blues

Serena Morrigan returns and adds her name to the long list of returning Blues with recently broken Bonds.


And with the Dawn, Came Change

Rivals Estel and Lavinya deal with the collapse of the Order of the Rose.


Daes Dae'mar for Dummies

Estel ends up teaching an group of similarly inept Accepted.


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Estel struggles with her return to the White Tower after a month in Cairhien with Maegan.

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