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Rushing Down the Mountain

The Boar

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just figured i would drop in and say hello.


been reading these books since before the Dragon Reborn

was printed. So here, yeah maybe a noob but as far as the books go. pwn'd


but that is neither here nor there. its great to find

such a large gathering of people who enjoy the SToRies as much as I. I'm more intersted in all the theories that you all have concoted concerning how things will end at Shayol Gul.


I've read the series up to KOD muultiple times. basically about a month before the each new book was set to come out I read the entire series again from day 1.


again I digress. Just figured I would let you guys know where i was at.



heron wading the rushes

flows into

boar rushes down the mountain.

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thanks for the hospitality, much appreciated. I've already made my way around to some of the other boards.

Interesting to say the least.


The Black Tower huh?


Might be down for some RP, but my favorite has always been in a poorly lit room, a pencil, some twenty sided di and a piece of paper.

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eheh, just to let you know there is a bit of a difference between the black tower Div and the black tower ORG im a menber of the latter, the div (RP) tower is a little more "complex" and ive no experience with then so yous have to talk to them and get the info, the org is more a have fun but also fight with some realy neat battle system, so id check out both and decide from there.


and nice ava :lol:

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Guest Egwene

Hello and welcome Boar :)


Look forward to finding out who you think did 'it' :wink: (in case you're not sure... I am talking about the 'Asmo thread'...*grin*)


Have a great time here :P


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