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Approved WK Bio for Cerise Merlan - CC'd by BT


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Character Name: Cerise Merlan


DM Handle: jozan


Email Address: kamseyo@gmail.com


Age: 16


Gender: Female


Place of Birth: New Braem, east of Kore Springs, on the Andoran border on the road from Caemlyn to Tar Valon.


Physical Description: She has fairly pale skin and wears long demure dresses with a cloak to warm her. Her hair is braided and is a darkish brown colour. She is rather short and stands about 5'2 above the ground and weighs 110 lbs. Her hands are smooth and very beautiful. Her eyes sparkled and were a light blue colour, before they turned to golden eyes from the Howling.


Wolf Name: Starlight, because of her bright personality.


Personality: Cerise is a very thoughtful woman, always thinking before she does things and very careful. A loyal and trustworthy girl if with a friend, she shows a spark of joy mostly and is well-mannered. Her temperament is joyful and very rarely is she angry and always turns to the better if she gets angry. Always smiling and bringing happiness to others around her.


Family: Laria and Dorn raised their two daughters to be well-mannered and provided with knowledge of the outside world. Cerise's beautiful mother was a well respected healer in the area around their village, and even on occasions visits other larger villages near-by. Her father on the other hand, was an inn-keeper in the town of Baerlon which his family visited sometimes when they had the time. Cerise's older sister was a tad taller than her and a bit prettier and most of the boys in the area chased her around. No guys went after Cerise.




Character History:


A field of grass and ever growing trees all around, a windy cool breeze catches the fur of a wolf cub lying in the grass just outside the woods..., the dream ended as she woke up hearing footsteps down below. "Breakfast," her ears heeded the voice of her mother calling for her to come down and eat her breakfast before going out. Cerise tucked away the sheet she had over her body and pulled herself up with the strength of her arms. Looking around for her walking clothes, she found them in a neatly folded pile on a wooden chair, where of course her mother had put them. She picked up the dress and allowed it to slowly fall in to place upon her slender body. She was after all the shortest girl in town, and in her family, even shorter than her own mother, but Cerise didn't bother much with such details because she knew she could still enjoy the pleasures of life.


Later that day, her mother came in and heard her child crying out, "Stop it! I don't want to change. Let me go...” As Laria shook her until she woke, the dream ended and Cerise was shaken up over the continuous dream that keep haunting her sleep every morning and night time. "What is the matter, my child?" her mother said with a calm and tender toned voice as she sat down on the bed beside her daughter, waiting for a response.


"These dreams, they keep coming and coming and I don't understand them; it's all about wolves, either in large packs or just one wolf," Cerise replied with a sad tone to her voice. Even though with her mother's embrace and calming words helped, the dreams kept coming and getting worse. More dreams of wolves, large packs of them... and more intense now than ever before.


Then suddenly as she was out with her father in the forest nearby, collecting branches for the fire, she could suddenly hear ever so clearly everything around her, and even smell her father from a long distance. As her father came closer and spoke up, his voice sounded like a thunder that echoed in her head and kept bouncing off one side to the other which turned from pain to true agony as she curled inward on the ground. Filled with lots and lots of aching pain, she lay there shivering like a frightened cub waiting to be eaten by the large predator. ”What’s the matter?” her father asked, sitting down and taking a look at her face. He got surprised when he saw the tint of yellow in her eyes. He looked at her more closely and wonderend what was wrong with his beloved daughter. Maybe she's ill, he thought to himself as his eyes filled with sadness. He carried her in to the house and laid her gently down on her bed, hoping for a miracle that this would all go away. Time went on though and her dreams came again and again, as her eyes finally became totally yellow and all her senses sharpened to the best. Her fever still would not back down and her shivering got worse.


Cerise's life had ended it seemed and her family had no clue whatsoever about what was causing her new strange illness, as they seemed to believe it was. Her mother tried again and again to find herbs that would subdue the heavy fever, but it just got worse and worse every day. As they hired different healers that had all kinds of herbs and potions for help, the fever finally started to subdue and get better. Soon though, they started to realize it would be an even tougher life for their once bright and cheerful girl, as the healers had started to spread rumors of their daughter being of the Shadow. Rumors about her eyes, glowing like a golden beacon in the night, so as to more easily lure her prey to the Shadow. The rumors spread fast and all the small villages close to their home had now heeded the warning and prepared to get rid of the plauge that haunted their homes and would not go unless they got rid of the evil.


One cold afternoon, as her father was out working on the house, he spotted dozens of men and women closing in on their property with all kinds of weapons in their hands. They were all yelling out the same words, "Let's burn them!! Don't let the evil escape." The tone of the voices was anything but nice and tender, it was fiery and hateful... voices that came closer and closer. Her father called toward the house, "Laria! My beloved wife, bring our sick daughter out... and get her far away from here." His voice was steadfast but nervous as his words came out, and inside the house his wife was getting their daughter ready to go.


As Laria came out with her daughter she saw all the angered villagers ready to burn their house, with dozens of burning torches and the expressions of hungry predators that had not eaten for months. Laria told her daughter to run as fast as she could toward the forest as it would provide her with shelter and some berries as food on her journey from now on. Cerise ran as fast as she could manage in her condition, which was rather slow as she was aching with pain all over, but she gritted her teeth and kept going until a few hours later when her body was exhausted and agonized, pushed to its limits. She could still hear the villagers right behind her and closing in. Cerise's head pounded like crazy and her hands shook so much, while her legs were made of straw, ready to give in beneath her body weight. She had no idea how she could go on like this without dying of exhaustion or lack of sleep and food. She found a large oak as she was more crawling than walking now, and leaned on it for her final resting place, but sudden sounds of howling in the distance seemed to have either startled or even scared her enemies. She coudln't hear them anymore but the howling noise kept her awake a bit longer... until her vision got blurry and her body gave in as she blacked out.


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