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a tired oldie getting some strength back..


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heyyy, all oldies and new ones. I've been on and off from early 2001 hehehe.

I've had a few different characters. My first username was Mordak if that maybe ring a bell in someone's ear. But 2 years ago I changed it to this one.


Anyway, I'm thinking of getting my old towerguard back into the action. And maybe create a new character or something. We'll see what happens.


Ahhh, *the old man takes out a basket filled with free cookies for everyone*

oh, and also *showers the lads with sticky candies and the girls with flowers*


Enjoy~~  ;D

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Thank you!  ;D For the welcome, and yes mostly rp side of dragonmount.

I don't have much time for anything else right now. 'cause of studies and such.


But I may post on other boards too sometimes if I find something interesting ^^

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Ah, then I thought wrong. hihi

But still, nice to meet a new face around here...well to be honest some things have changed around here since I last visited the site. ^^


Hope to get back into the game with an old character and also a wolfkin character. Never tried one before ^-^


Raena!! thanks, for the welcome back.  ;D

I'm defiantly from Sweden for now at least..you were from Norway, wasn't it?

Anyway, nice to see you again! Maybe we can rp this time around.

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Oh, I'm from Sweden as well. If I remember correctly, you weren't that far away from me, at least the last time I posted with you. I'm in Umeå. :)


But anyway, I have never roleplayed. I just interacted with you here on the new members board. I have a good memory sometimes. ;) 

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Ah, yes. I see! Well..now I moved back to my hometown which is Borås.

So, now it's a long way between us. Oh, you don't rp on DM? or are you just mostly on the org side of the place  :)


hehe, yes you seem to have a good memory. Which for me is only sometime good.

It depend on what I'm trying to remember hehe~ well, see you around the boards.


Vi hörs!! like we say in Sweden  :D

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