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Hi All


I'm from England, so abit of a time difference to most of you!

I started reading the WoT books when I was at university and loved them. I RP'd for a while on another site, but haven't been WoT obsessed for a few years now. However, I recently read Book 11, and found out a new book is coming out in the autumn, and decided to look into WoT forums again.

I found this one and it looks pretty active and well organised, I look forward to RPing here!

Will work on my character bio and hope to start posting more soon!


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Hi and welcome to DM!


You'll find that there are quite many people here from the UK, and Europe in general. I'm from Sweden, for example, so just one hour ahead of you!  ;)


I don't know a lot about the RP since I don't roleplay myself, but I hope you'll have lots of fun with it. :)

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And I am on the same time difference, being from London. There are plenty of us Brits about as well.


Enjoy the Dark side...don't forget to join the Light and the ORGs! ;)

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