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Hello, all. I'm Hunter, I'm 19 and I am currently reading the fifth book in the series (The Fires of Heaven). I just registered at the Game of Stones as well. I can't wait until the first of the books that make up A Memory of Light arrives this fall, although I doubt I will have finished all of the others before then.


EDIT: Well, after reading some of the others intro posts, I figured I'd add a little more. I'm currently aiming for a Spanish and Education double major, and I have a 4.0 GPA entering my second year of college. I just finished chemotherapy in February, after my leukemia relapsed, and I have way too many fantasy novels on hand at the moment to know what to do.

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:) Hello, and welcome to DM, hun!  I've done the chemo thing too, so I'm really impressed with that 4.0!

Spanish and education? That's a great choice. I have always loved studying languages. I'm illiterate in at least two *lol*.

If you ever want some company, come over to the Ogier.

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