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Anyone read the comic book?


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It has been published. You can get issues 0 and 1 at your local comic book shop or from dabelbrothers.com. For more information go to the Red Eagle Entertainment section of the forums or dabelbrothers forums.


Are they good? Kinda depends on what you're looking for. My personal belief would be that the art is pretty though hardly accurate (Rand is drawn as being shorter then most everyone he comes across except Moiraine), and that the writing does away with a lot of RJ's prose just leaving us dialogue. On the other hand, IT'S WOT!  ;D So you're free to check it out yourself.

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Issue 0 and 1 has good enough art although it would have been enormous if they had hired the artist that does Stephen Kings The Dark Tower.


In issue 0 they have included the Ravens prologue from "From the Two Rivers" the first half of the repackaging of The Eye of the World. It's good but that meant there were not as many pages left for the Dragonmount prologue that in my opinion feels too short to really convey the feeling in it that we know from the book.


Issue 1 is essentially chapters 1 and 2 in compressed form. I think they did a good job on that one.


I was satisfied with what they'd done. Well worth the purchase.

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