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  1. Just wondered because there are chapters where little happens but the serving of tea. Do any of you participate in PBEM or other roleplays where the roleplay isn't fighting or politics but the serving of tea? And why so many chapters about serving tea? Discuss?
  2. It was always on the shelves at the library. I couldn't get an idea of what it was about by the blurbs so I had to read it! By the blurb description I thought Rand was a half-man half-dragon.
  3. A lot of the uses for the Power have been lost over time, but I'd like to see elementals being made. i.e. making a soldier out of earth or fire. This could be tied off and injected with a spirit weave or somesuch, and voila. I also wondered if Rand would/could make a sword out of gateway. i.e. we know the gateway will cut through anything, so why not make a thin gateway and use it as a sword? Would be sharp as anything. Discuss.
  4. didnt she send some suldam back to the seanchan with adam around their nexks It doesn't seem to have had any impact on their society . . . they're still leashing and allowing suldam to run free.
  5. Now someone here told me that Elayne revealed to the Seanchan that the suldam are actually marath damane in their own right. I finished TGS last night . . . but I still haven't read this happening. Discuss.
  6. I wonder what will happen to them when Tarmon Gaidon starts? Are they allowed to support an army in any way? Food, supplies, etc? Poor Leafers.
  7. True. . . i wasn't expecting any surprises since I'm almost done.
  8. Elayne's already seen to that. Thanks for the spoiler. I'm only 50 pages away from the ending of TGS.
  9. I'd spill the beans to the Seanchan that the Suldam are marath damane ;D
  10. I just turned 10 the other day.
  11. Loial I guess. Sure he's as pussy whipped as the rest of them, but that's just the way his society is. Perrin has no such excuses.
  12. I would kill off Nynaeve, even though she's a lot more bearable in TGS. She still has to pay for her past indiscretions. This will probably kill Lan though, because he's already lost Moiraine . . . unless we kill Nynaeve after Moiraine presumably returns.
  13. The books are good overall. I'm trying to learn some speed reading so I can re-read them all a lot quicker.
  14. Mat - has the luck on his side, better understanding of tactics, and is just as good with the quarterstaff as Rand is with the sword.
  15. Hi. I am about to re-read the WOT, but since I don't have a spare 9 months, I really just want to read some pretty essential parts. I will take nominations for which Chapters I should most definitely read, from Books 4-12 please. Hopefully this thread will be helpful for all. Thanks.
  16. I pretty much agree with this answer. I seem to vaguely recall him not being all that good with the weapon in a later book . . .
  17. Why is Mat no longer all that good with his weapon as he was in Book 3 when he fought Galad with a stick? Discuss.
  18. The way the supergirls treated Mat after he wouldn't allow them to take his ter'angreal.
  19. They're referred to as the ever victorious army which was also the name given to a 19th century Imperial chinese army . . . . so probably asian . . .
  20. They should make a black and white tower, like the yin yang symbol . . . isn't that what those cuendillar seals look like? Discuss.
  21. I can't imagine a pretty man so I just imagine Galad to look like Brad Pitt. ;)
  22. No, once you've travelled anywhere you can always travel from there. The thing I find strange is that you can create gateways TO places you don't know, but you can't create gateways FROM places you don't know.
  23. True, but I still think there will be plenty of conventional battles.
  24. I see no way that the Shadow can win an all-out war against the Light in Tarmon Gaidon . . . The gholam will be a handy creature for the Shadow (assuming he will respond to the Dark One and isn't a free agent). He's virtually indestructible and cannot be harmed by saidin/saidar. Having seen Rand and Logain virtually singlehandedly despatch an entire legion of Trollocs with slivers of fire and spinning gateways, it looks like an easy victory for the Light. We can also assume the Ever Victorious army will be on the Light side, and even the Children of the Light will probably fight the Shadow. How do you think the battle will play out and which creatures/forces will be handy for either side? Discuss.
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