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Anybody remember Karra???


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So my hubby is still keeping in touch with DM and BW friends he made years ago, and I'm feeling much like a loser. After all, I met Jay at DragonCon, you know. So...I decided to return, in what capacity, I am not sure.


I am returning after an absence of about 3 years, so there are lots of people that I miss who are probably gone as well. However, I have seen some familiar names in the hour that I've been browsing the site...I can't believe that Karana STILL uses the blue&white dancing girl icon!!

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Guest Egwene

Hi Karra, we don't know each other... if you fancy changing that status quo, you'll find me mainly on Fiddlesticks with the occassional flurry elsewhere. Look forward to bumping into you :P

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Guest Karana Majin

I will never change my dancing girl. She's like, my alter ego. I've had her for probably 6 years, starting at ezboards then here.


How are you?

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Like I said, life caught up to me. What pictures were you looking at, Dcon '02?? Anyway, I went on a treasure hunt to locate my old website which was lost to Davy Jones' locker, apparently. That led to a trip down memory lane, and voila, I am summoned.


So anyway, the boards look pretty different now, and I'm kinda lost. I'll just spend a week or three getting reacquainted before I try to do much. (It occurs to me that any chars that I have would have to be old farts now. Karra with gray hair and wrinkles, ha!)


Mostly I just missed the good old days, when I couldn't get on the computer at all without a million things to do and a hundred people to chat with.

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The site is split into Community and RP now, but if you had characters before, you likely can modify them and use em if you want... :)


I joined in 1999 and quit around 2002 (except lurking on the private Blue Ajah boards) up until a few months ago, so I probably missed meeting you... but welcome back! 8)

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