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anyone a doctor?


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Hey y'all


My name is Phoenix (p.k.a. Guardian Ian). I'm almost 19 (which would make me 18 lol) and I'm about to go to college as a pre-med student. And even though I KNOW I dont' really need to worry about it yet, I just wanted to know, what are some of the best med schools out there? I always heard Stanford was really good, and Johns Hopkins, and Baylor College of Medicine, but what do you ACTUAL doctor's think? Is your med school really important?


Other questions: someone please explain to me what an internship is, as well as a residency! Are they the same, or different??? Also, how do you get a job? Do you just apply? Are you referred? Assigned? Asked? Someone please Help!!!


By the way, if i seem totally clueless, that's because for the first 3.5 years of highschool, i was dead set on going into business, either as an administrator or entrepreneur. But then, over the Christmas break, I was walking my dog and realized that ever since freshman biology I'd had a secret yearning to do surgery/study medicine, but I had told myself I wasn't smart enough for it (which is a total lie, because i'm actually REALLY smart...but i have low self esteem...). ANYWAY....thanks!!



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Have you considered trying to get a summer job that involves working at a hospital? It is always a good Idea to make sure what you are going into, is what you really want to spend the rest of your life doing.. Or at least, what you want to spend the money for. *though if your rich, you could take 2 years of med, change your mind and become a fashion designer.* :P

The only real question is, what job could you get part-time at a hospital, that they'd higher teens to work close with patients?

Speaking of such, you're not squemish are you?

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