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Approved WK Bio for Nighteyes (Updated) - CC by the Ashies


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Character Name: Nighteyes


DM Handle: NighteyesDM


Physical Description: Tall with dark brown hair and eyes (now golden); has a well trimmed goatee on his face.


Gender: Male


Personality: Quiet and aloof with those he does not know, but friendly and trustworthy once his trust has been won.



Character History:


Nighteyes lived in Arad Doman for most of his life with his parents and his sister Chalinda. His father was a carpenter and his mother stayed at home to take care of him and his sister. His was a quiet, normal life until he turned 18 and his eyes changed to a bright shade of yellow. His mother discovered this first. She told him that it would be better for the whole family if he left before anyone saw him and called him and his family Darkfriends. So he left his home and traveled the land until he came across a wolf who lead him to an abandonded Ogier Stedding where others like himself had gathered. This was were he left his old name and life behind.




While at the Stedding, Nighteyes became great friends with the then Leader of the Rangers; a man whom the wolves called Riverwind. It meant more than just Riverwind though... he was the breeze felt as you stood drinking from the lake at evening when the great ball of fire in the sky was leaving for the day, the breeze shifting through your fur and then racing across the surface of the lake.


Nighteyes trained hard under the watchful eye of Riverwind for he had a dream of joining Riverwind as a Ranger to protecting the Stedding. He was also trained in the Wolf Dream by Wolflover who was very adept at walking with the wolves there. Nighteyes carried and fought with an oversized dagger bordering on a short sword that his friend Aragorn had crafted for him.


Eventually Nighteyes began to feel as if there was something he had left undone when he had left home so long ago. He thought long and hard on it and finally it came to him one day as he was taking a brief nap under a tree. An image of a girl with long brown hair came to his mind's eye. It was his little sister whom he had left behind. Nighteyes wasn’t sure if what he was thinking would be a good idea or not; to get out, see if he could find her and explain why he had left the family. She had never cared about his eyes and had told him he didn’t have to go just because they had changed color. Nighteyes left a note for Riverwind to explain where he had gone, saying that he would be back once he had found his sister and set things right. With that Nighteyes set out for what he knew would be a journey of some length.




(Note: This is for a returning member but as the gap is quite a few years, I'd appreciate a CC on this. Thanks. ~Tay~)

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