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Hello everyone! I've been coming to Dragonmount for ages (pun intended) for WoT news and stuff and finally realized that I've been missing out on a lot by not joining the forums. So, I done gone and joined the forums. :)


A little about me - I'm 22, a recently graduated programmer, and got addicted to WoT a few years ago during a very long summer on the farm. I recently went back to my long-running reread of the series (on book 6 now) and that helped me decide to get into some community involvement stuff. There are not NEARLY enough WoT fans out there! Then again, there could never be too many! :D


Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. So...hi!

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feel welcome. Grab a drink, have a cup o' w.e floats thine boat.


Join with a group that speaks to you (Stedding boards and the Wolfkin man, serious, bein' a wolf is a blast.. not to mention the TQ and cheerleaders).


Have fun and have a blast.


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Guest Egwene

great to see you, Lahman, after having been one of those invisible lurckers for so long :wink:


Had a look at your blog... Terry Pratchett fan, I see. My favourites are all the ones that involve DEATH and Granny Weatherwax.


Have you voted yet? You know, that thread over on book discussions that I have mentioned once or twice in the past on these boards?! ... and of course, now you can see Fiddlesticks, too.


Have fun


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Thanks, everyone! Lurking is fun, of course, in a sick/twisted way, but posting is better yet! I'll have to check out those groups soon and maybe do me some joining. :)


Anyway, Egwene - yeah, I'm a *huge* Pratchett fan. Myself, I like the City Watch books the most (Vimes is my hero), but I'm definitely a big fan of Death and Granny too.


And Demandred - I've been working on my re-read for, like, two years. I blew through the first three books (my favorites), but then other books started coming out and I kept getting sidetracked by other serieseses...es. I'm still getting sidetracked from time to time, so I expect it'll be a while before I get through WoT again.

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