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Hey Dragonmount

Dvorak Mayn

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Hi everybody

well im new here.

Some people might know me from TarValon.net and such




Im 14 and a bit and ive been reading WOT since i was 11.

i like a joke and a laugh and dont mind making a fool out of myself just to get a laugh out of other people.

i fancy myself as a but of a programer and i make websites and small coputergames and other stuff.


im in a band called assault and battery.

have a look at the website i made for us


come and say hi!


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Hey Dvorak, welcome to our humble abode


I've been to tarvalon.net once but not really


I'm 15, read the books in 7 months, just finished them (as far as they go) 4 months ago.


good to see you, pop over to the Band of the Red Hand, it's the best.


We should have a good time together, I joke arund all the time, as everyone here can testify.



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Guest Egwene

I can vouch for Goldies abilities in the joke department .. if you look back at some of the threads on Fiddlesticks, you'll see some fine examples of it *g*


Welcome to the forum, Dvorak. Your website looks fun and I like the name for your band. It's very catchy and as a good name is almost as important as a good sound... you're one up there! Any chance you enjoy the classical Dvorak's music? I love the New World Symphony.


Visit the book discussions and have a go at voting in the polls there. And don't be afraid to put forward some of your ideas about plots etc. Some people there have been at it for absolute eons, but it's always good to give things a bit of a shake-up.


See you around :D

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