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Mostly new....hi!


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So...I registered a couple of days ago and have already been posting around, but I'm just now making my new member post.


I started reading WoT in December, with EotW. I didn't get to NS until after LoC, and by that time I really missed Moiraine, so it was nice to read something so focused on her. :P I finished the KoD a few weeks ago, and then started looking for a community to join. I picked this one mostly because of the high activity level, but some of the orgs look like fun. I'm thinking of joining either the Kin or the White Tower, so if you're a member of either, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them to help me decide. :)


My favorite characters are Rand, Mat, Moiraine, Verin, Nynaeve, and Tam (even though he's really a minor character). Actually, I hated Nynaeve at first, but she knows herself so poorly that she often ends up being a hypocrite, and I think it's hilarious. :P And her temper has cooled down a lot since her marriage, so that helps as well.


My least favorites are a lot of people's least favorites, as far as I've seen: Egwene, Cadsuane, Faile (though less so in the later books), and Tuon. I also love to hate Elaida, if that makes sense. :?


I'll shut up now. *waves* :mrgreen:

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Hi and welcome to dragonmount! I hope you'll like it here :)

It's great that you've started posting already :P


I'm not a member of any org, but you could join both if you want to.

Also, you should visit Fiddlesticks. It's great fun :)

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Welcome! I hope you like it here... :) (I saw you over in the sig thread on the Gen board...lol)


Well, I'm a member of both the WT and Kin, so I'll try to help. I started way back in 1999 with the WT when it was all role play (Also RPed a BT civilian who I'm trying to bring back), went through the ranks and became a Blue. I've been on a semi-permanent LOA for a couple years and have recently come back as a regular. I joined the Kin when I did and I love them. It's a no drama, laid back kind of place, so if you're not into having to do a ton of projects to get raised, etc, it's a good place. Not that the other Orgs aren't great too! Every place has different ways of doing things, and each person enjoys those different things.


Now that I'm a Blue on the Community side, it's different but still fun. Some very nice people around. I'm not too involved in the day to day of the WT anymore since I don't need to gain rank, so can't really help there.


Anyways... have fun!

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Guest Egwene

I saw that sig thread too... stuck in my mind because I thought yours is really amazing, Zardi. Like Jhae, I like the abstract stuff and also the tone-in-tone colour scheme.


Pity you don't like Egwene... hope you won't transfer those feelings to me :wink: Congrats on deciding to join the WT. Are you going to be Aes Seadai or Warder?


By the way... looking at your interests... the Kin tend to distribute knitting needles (mainly for poking purposes) so you might want to join them when you run out of those :wink:


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Pity you don't like Egwene... hope you won't transfer those feelings to me :wink:

Lol. Definitely not. :)


I want to join as a novice, and probably end up as a white, brown, or yellow, but I'll be sure to investigate all of the ajahs. I picked the WT to start out with instead of the Kin because I think the seminars and lectures are a cool idea, but I still might end up in both, because the Kin looks like a lot of fun too. Do you know if it's ok for me to start posting even though I'm not in the novice book yet? Or should I wait until someone sees my email? (I already joined the usergroup.)


Aah, so that's what the knitting needle joke is. Well, my hat's off to them in their noble cause. Poking sticks are a necessity in today's world. I don't know what I would do without mine :twisted:

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Guest Egwene

You can post anywhere on this forum without having to join. However, to post on the various Orgs off site boards, you will need to join them and follow whatever rules apply.


Go to the WT boards on this forum and introduce yourself. There'll be lots of people happy to see you as well as answer in detail any questions about the WT.



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