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I'm new to this forum, although I've been a regular at WoT-DM@yahoogroups.com. I've read all the WoT books and the New Spring prequel several times, and I was a subscriber to the New Spring graphic novel.


I hope that RJ pulls through his health crisis. His bravery in the face of this disease certainly puts into perspective any worries about whether or not he can tie up the major loose ends in WoT.

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Guest Egwene

Hi there, Rstinejr... interesting name... how did you get to that?? ... and how do you shorten it? (Guess C&P is the alternative *g*)


Didn't know about the WoT Yahoo Group. Might sign up and have a look sometime. What's it like?


You are right about RJ. And it has to be said... much as I would like to get that final book... no book is more important than a person. RJ should take it easy and only goe back to writing when he is fit enough to do it.


Hope you enjoy this place. It has everything.. from the book discussions (do vote in the polls there) over general debates to something like Fddlesticks which is pure posting anything and nothing for fun. Have a great time finding out what interests you most. Need any help, shout :wink:

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