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is there any difference between chanelling darkfriends and dreadlords?

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I think it's just a title, like Assassin or whatever.  Dreadlord described a Darkfriend who could channel, and though some were given commands it did not mean all of them had command status.  I imagine that as time went on and the male channelers went insane, the title of Dreadlord became obsolete as the only DF channelers were women, and the only female channelers who were Darkfriends (so far as we know) would then be Black Ajah and connected to the Tower.


Unless there are other channelers associated with the Kin, Windfinders, Wise Ones or Seanchan (DF damane?) we don't know about.  It's doubtful that damane become Darkfriends, and if they did I doubt that they could dislodge themselves from their suldam enough to gain a field command.

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I meant, as time went on and the men went insane, eventually all the male channelers (I assume they all died out and were not under the protection the Forsaken male channelers had against the tainted saidin) died, and then the only Dreadlords remained in the Black Ajah.


Firstly, the men you are talking about were not Dreadlords. There were no Dreadlords in the Age of Legends--all darkfriend channelers in that time were called Chosen (by the Shadow) or Forsaken (by the Light). But yes, the male Forsaken went mad just like the male Aes Sedai.


That being said, men who can channel were recruited and trained during the Trolloc Wars. That's when the title Dreadlord came into existence. They were protected from the Taint the same way the male Forsaken have been in the recent books--by the Dark One.


Also, as a side note, the female Dreadlords were not Black Ajah. Though I've no doubt some Aes Sedai turned to the Shadow in the course of the Trolloc Wars, the majority of the female Dreadlords were recruited the same was as the male ones. Ishamael did not create the Black Ajah until after the Trolloc Wars--my guess because the Aes Sedai's greater training proved an asset to the Light, though no doubt plans to hamstring them from within played its part.

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