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I've been lurking here for a couple of months now, and finally decided to join up and show myself. :) I've been reading WoT since 1997.


A little about me: I'm a senior in college, in my last semester (thank the Creator), hoping to get into law school for the fall. I'm from Kansas and, yeah, that's about it.


Glad to be here!

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Welcome, its always good to see a new face around here, gives me something to do.


Anyway, as DSage said, look around, see what you like, see what you dont like, ect.


If you are into the RP side of things, check out the RP forums at the bottom of the forums, and see if you want to hop in, otherwise look at the orgs, they are a good place to meet people and have fun.


Well, again welcome, and have fun storming the mount!

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