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DL Bio for Shadar Al'niende, CC'd by BT


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Character Name: Shadar Al'niende (He goes by Shad sometimes)


Email address: ethomefone13@msn.com


Sub Division: Dreadlord


Physical Description: Shadar is 5"9' 145 lbs, he has dark, stormy grey eyes that almost look black as his hair. He is a fairly nondescript sort with a dimple and a boyish face. His eyes however are generally stormy as the thunderclouds his eyes reselmble. He has many scars across his skin given to him as a young man. These scars are fine and not prominent but when he is undressed, looking closely will reveal them.


Place of Birth/Raising: Ghealdan


Character History: Shadar was born in Ghealdan in a town called Sidon. His mother died at birth and his father was imprisoned for murder when he was young. With no parents he ran the streets as a beggar until he was taken in by a mean horse trader Galan, who turned out to be more thief than trader. The man called him Shad and beat him daily. He sent him running for anything he was too lazy to get for himself. A kind, caring soul by nature, Shad slowly turned inward over the years. He became quiet and brooding. The beatings continued but slowly he stopped crying out when struck, stopped flinching when a hand was raised. His face slowly grew more sullen, and his eyes darker. Over time, kind, caring qualities were hammered out by strap and fist. By the age of 23 Shad grew to hate Galan and quietly began to plot his demise. Shortly thereafter, Shad crept into his room with a long belt knife and a rope. The man was drunk as usual, and so was easily bound to the bed. Shad proceeded to butcher the man ruthlessly. He smiled to himself quietly while Galan screamed, not ever making a single sound. Finally he was free. The body was found and his act known that same night. In an effort to flee the town of Sidon into Altara he was caught by a hooded man and confronted about his crime. The man revealed that he served the Great Lord of the Dark and offered him refuge and immortality if he would but serve. The promise of immortality and the power to never let anyone hurt him again led to an easy oath, forsaking the Light. During their escape, Shad found that the man was a Dreadlord in the service of the Great Lord. Expressing a desire to serve the Great Lord in whatever way was needed, Shad was tested and it was found that he could channel. Thus began their journey to the Fortress where he would further his training and his path towards hoped for immortality.

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