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Approved WK Bio for Jack Passer - CC'd by CotS


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Name: Jack Passer (Mad Dog)

Companion: Firedaugther

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 154 lbs

Hair: Black long

Eyes: Brownish Yellow

Age: 21




Jack was born on a stormy summer night at River Storn. His parents were merchants shipping goods up and down the rivers from Caemlyn to the Sea of Storms, with the odd trip up to Saldaea, which was where his father had met his mother. Being their only child, due to his mother having a rough birth and never again conceiving, he grew up alone on the boat among the men they had hired, these of course shifting through the years as young lads got over their lust for adventure and wanted to settle down. As such Jack made up imaginary friends to play with when he wasn't helping out. At 15 the boy odd in his own way fell in love during one landfall, with a dark haired tinker girl, and while his parents opposed it, Jack could not forget her. She haunted and taunted his dreams. After 3 years he grabbed the chance to run off with another tinker family he met during another landfall in the hope of finding the girl again.

As things were, tinkers moved at random, and he found himself traveling here and there, changing between wagons and families based on who seemed to know more or have the best odds of running into the family of the girl. During this time though, things started to change for Jack, and slowly over the next two years he grew more odd, until the family he was staying with found him so out of tune with their ways, and were so disturbed by his behavior, that they threw him out. From then on Jack was on his own but he made do, sleeping on the ground and hunting in the night with cunning skill, never contemplating over where it had come from. Images started coming to him from out of nowhere. He didn't understand them, but related them back to his childhood friends and called them by such names trying to answer them, though never really managing to get responses to his questions.

Wrapped up in his own world he stayed away from people. The few he met shied away from him so he stopped trying to approach them. Instead he found company in his big fox that had started to follow him around. The only time he approached humanity was to steal food or beverage as needed, when needed.

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Hmm, just one question. His companion seems to be a fox... Why would a fox follow a Wolfkin? I'd like to get that cleared up before I put the CotS stamp of approval on it.


Other than that and some spelling errors its fine though.

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I think the "big fox" reference is because that's the character's way of "seeing" his companion... he either doesn't realise or doesn't know that it's a wolf.


As to the spelling mistakes... this bio is Ata's... so they're forgiveable. I corrected the worst of them.

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the companion is a former pc wolf of mine back from the time i had the subwolfgroup set up, and a system of different wolfbreeds throughout the world and even wolf classes and whatnot


she was/is a maned wolf which sort of looks like an overgrown fox on stylths

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